August 2, 2011 (5:44 pm)

Making Kamea’s Story Book Vegan-Friendly

by Kristen Suzanne

Kamea is crazy in love with books, which melts my heart. One of the passions both Greg and I share is the love of reading, and we look forward to the time when we can have family outings to Starbucks where we take our books and read.

We love reading to Kamea and she requests it every day, multiple times. Now that she knows the sign “more” in sign language, we see it over and over and over and over and … well, you get the point. Once the story ends, she wants more. Yay!

We’re building her library of books and I buy most of them on Amazon if they’re not hand-me-downs from friends and relatives. However, when you’re not buying from a bookstore where you can flip through it, you don’t always know everything it’ll contain. Recently, I bought the book “Yummy YUCKY” by Leslie Patricelli. It’s such a cute board book with the pictures, colors, and font. The story basically shows one side of the page with something yummy on it, like spaghetti. Then, on the next page it shows something similar, but yucky… like worms. It makes it really fun to read to Kamea as I exclaim out loud the pages that are YUCKY! I make an “eh eh” sound and she imitates me.  Read More »

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July 18, 2011 (5:00 am)

Review: Bamboo Bottle – Sustainable Reusable Bottle

topics: Reviews
by Kristen Suzanne

Drinking filtered water from a reusable water bottle is the way to go when you’re trying to be environmentally friendly. But, there are other things to consider when picking out a bottle, such as the materials from which it’s made. Imagine my delight when I saw Bamboo Bottle’s gorgeous eco-friendly bottle made from sustainable materials of glass and bamboo. I had to have one and the company generously sent me one to review. Thank you, Bamboo Bottle! Read More »

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June 30, 2011 (9:21 pm)

Kamea’s 1st Birthday – No Cake For Us!

by Kristen Suzanne

Over the weekend we celebrated Kamea’s first birthday. WOW! What an experience that was. It was a day filled with emotion as I thought back on the day of her birth. I knew it would be a special day, but honestly, I didn’t know how awesomely special! It was really cool… my baby is now ONE! :)

In preparation for her birthday, I was asked, mostly by family, “Will you be having a birthday cake?”

My response, “Why would I give her a sugar filled cake?”

Kamea has been primarily consuming breastmilk for the past year, exclusively breastfed for the first 8 months. Since then it’s primarily breastmilk along with some pure and healthy whole foods, many of which are raw, introduced slowly to taste and play with. It’s only now, around 12 months, that she actually takes a few bites of things. We’re more or less following Baby Led Weaning so I make things available. Sometimes she’s interested and sometimes she’s not. There is one thing she seems especially fond of… my delicious nutrient filled smoothies. Read More »

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June 18, 2011 (7:57 pm)

Reader Question About Feeding Baby

by Kristen Suzanne
I was emailed the following recently and thought I’d answer so others could read…

I am not a raw foodist, but our family eats mostly organic. I would value a video post from you that shows you preparing (what products to use that don’t have plastics, etc., making it, storing it, and feeding it to your child. I don’t believe in microwaves and I can’t imagine taking the time to toss a frozen food cube in a saucepan every time. Can you help with any pointers to make the process, fast, easy and healthy.

Answer: Actually, I breastfed exclusively for so long that she’s at an age now where I usually just share what I’m eating with her, while getting the majority of her calories still from breastmilk. At that young age, you could start with simple raw organic foods like peeled apple, banana, or avocado. I’m more or less following baby led weaning. Even with that though… I still keep pieces uber small because she only has a few teeth. She’s not using sippy cups or anything like that. When I share my smoothie with her, I use a spoon or a teeny tiny cup (the kind you might use with mouthwash, it’s BPA free)

I also recently wrote a blog post for Raw Moms discussing a bit about our practices. It should be on their website on July 1.

Do any of you moms have additional advice?

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June 11, 2011 (6:24 pm)

Organic Cloth Grocery Shopping Cart / High Chair Cover

by Kristen Suzanne

For the first 10 months of Kamea’s life, I wore her pretty much everywhere we went. We didn’t visit a lot of restaurants, and the times we did, we put her in her Orbit Stroller Seat (which rotates 360 – totally badass! and pushed right up to the table), but she isn’t enjoying the stroller this past month – huh. Sometimes we would sit in a booth and just put her between us or I’d share a chair with her if the furniture allowed (as in the picture to the left). That became difficult lately though, becase she moves around a lot! We also tried using her portable restaurant chair that came with her at-home high chair (the top comes off and you can take it places). That is very cool, too. But, it also means having a good restaurant chair to put it on and if you’re in a booth it’s not gonna fly. What to do…

Out of the corner of my eye every time, I see the dreaded restaurant high chair. I say “dreaded” because frankly, it looks like a germ fest. I highly doubt they’re cleaned very often, and I get the willies thinking about putting Kamea in one of them.

A similar scenario applies when grocery shopping. For the first 10 months Kamea was mostly worn at the grocery store, with a couple of exceptions of being in her stroller.

But… she’s over 11 months now and this means a couple of things. She’s getting heavier (long legs, too) which makes it more difficult to shop while wearing her. Bending down to get things off low shelves or rifling through the produce displays until I find impeccable produce isn’t easy with her strapped on, and she’s not a fan of it either (she wants me to keep moving). Again though, shopping carts are notorious for being uber germy and gross, so I didn’t want to put her in one.

I decided it was time to invest in an organic grocery cart and high chair cover. Sooo glad I did! Wow, in the restaurants she sits like a champ in it. And, in the grocery store, she does just as well. Whew!

Here she is using it for the first time at a restaurant. So much easier to carry that instead of using a stroller or portable high chair seat. I’m all about making things simpler these days!

And… Kamea at Whole Foods Market in a grocery cart.

Wee Be


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May 31, 2011 (11:32 pm)

Breastfeeding in Public – 11 Tips

by Kristen Suzanne

I’m becoming something of a pro with breastfeeding in public nowadays… just whip it out and FOOMP (that’s the sound of putting her on with precision and speed lol). But, twas wasn’t always the case. A few months back, I inquired with my awesome facebook friends for tips and advice.

Here was the question I posted with the following bullets as some that I thought were good:

What are your tips for getting baby comfy (in the literal, physical sense) nursing in public. More specifically, at home I use a big nursing pillow, but when we’re out, the small pillow I bring isn’t always easy. Is there an easy way to do this that I’m missing (without the pillow)?

  • Crossing a leg so an ankle is resting on the opposite knee and resting the arm cradling baby’s head on the crossed leg… so the baby is propped a bit.
  • Nurse in a Moby or sling which serves as a cover.
  • Prop arm on purse or diaper bag. If baby is easily distracted, cover up with a blanket.
  • Try to either lean back a little so baby’s weight was off mom’s arm.
  • Try to find a chair with an armrest.
  • When baby is a toddler… baby just stood and nursed.
  • At even a very early age: Nursing while baby sits up on a knee, head supported in hand… I find this position works great in public situations when you dont have a pillow on hand but it also helps prevent gas-keeping baby happier, longer.
  • When they were old enough to sit up, I would let them sit on my lap/vertically to nurse.
  • Use a blanket as a pillow.
  • Had a ring sling also called a William Sears Sling designed by Dr William Sears, breastfed my daughter in it till she was 27 months.
  • Personally, I have also found that I prefer normal shirts or tank tops that I lift up, as opposed to the breastfeeding tank tops that unsnap on the strap and you pull down. I think it’s more obvious and attention grabbing with the latter.
Do you have any tips for other mamas out there wondering the same thing?
  • Oh, and in case you missed this post from December, there is some great breastfeeding info here, too.

Image credit: Naturemandala

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