March 1, 2010 (6:04 am)

Green Baby Shower

by Kristen Suzanne

As I write this I’m 25 weeks pregnant and I’ve been getting asked lately about my baby shower. I know this might sound crazy, but we’re actually not going to have one. We’ve opted to make this part of our pregnancy extra green and pass on the baby shower. When we weighed out the pros and cons to having one, it made sense for us to opt out.

However, if you want a baby shower, there are many ways to make a baby shower green-ish. Here are some ideas I thought about:

  1. Be sure that people understand your values and only buy gifts that are environmentally friendly no matter how darn cute some plastic and toxic items might appear. Therefore, be sure to register for green gifts and strongly encourage guests to follow the list (that’s the beauty of having someone else throw the shower for you, that person gets to “strongly encourage” for you). And, request that they use sustainable wrapping methods. Here are some ideas. Or, have a gift-free shower and ask all attendees to prepare a positive and happy list of useful parenting tips. Another great gift idea is to have everyone bring a homemade, organic, vegan dish that you can put in your freezer for after the baby is born. This will save you time and energy in the kitchen during a period when your time is best spent with baby or resting. Read More »

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