December 26, 2010 (6:38 pm)

Organic & Hemp Eco Friendly Dog Toys

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by Kristen Suzanne

As a Mama Earth Warrior, I find myself constantly asking the question before I make a purchase, “Can I get an eco-friendly version of this? Is there something healthier for both earth and body?” I do this for everything, including dog toys.

Unfortunately, in our house, we go through dog toys rather quickly because Zeus typically rips them apart, pulls out the guts (stuffing), and then carries them around like a trophy carcass.

Zeus is taking a break from tearing up his toy - lol.

This all happens, in most cases, within minutes. He has so much fun with them though that I can’t bear to not get them for him. The minute I pull it out of the bag and show him the tantalizing stuffed animal, he goes bananas. The problem with this (other than always having to buy him new toys) is that sometimes he ends up eating part of the toy. When this happens, it gives him an upset tummy and he usually throws up later. Ugh. Read More »

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February 24, 2010 (11:57 pm)

Citizen Lobbying For Animal Rights – YEAH BABY!

topics: Animals
by Kristen Suzanne

We went to the Capitol to lobby for animal rights in Phoenix, AZ this week. What a terrific educational experience – we learned so much! The group was organized by the Human Society of the United States, and they took the time to really help organize us, brief us on the bills, and help make us feel extra comfortable with the process (many newbies were in attendance). There were over 80 attendees, with 24 of Arizona’s 30 districts being represented! - all fighting for animal rights.

We were divided into our districts and had appointments set for us with our specific representatives in the house and senate. Our group, District 7, was pretty successful in our attempts (score!). Our goal was to get support for 2-3 bills per representative depending on how much time we had. Our first meeting was with Senator Ed Bunch and we discussed three bills with him (one of which was to end greyhound racing in Tucson – did you know the track doesn’t pay taxes, yet this cruel and inhumane activity costs the state upwards of $250,000 a year!? And, in this horrible economy, that’s beyond ridiculous). Read More »

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