May 31, 2011 (11:32 pm)

Breastfeeding in Public – 11 Tips

by Kristen Suzanne

I’m becoming something of a pro with breastfeeding in public nowadays… just whip it out and FOOMP (that’s the sound of putting her on with precision and speed lol). But, twas wasn’t always the case. A few months back, I inquired with my awesome facebook friends for tips and advice.

Here was the question I posted with the following bullets as some that I thought were good:

What are your tips for getting baby comfy (in the literal, physical sense) nursing in public. More specifically, at home I use a big nursing pillow, but when we’re out, the small pillow I bring isn’t always easy. Is there an easy way to do this that I’m missing (without the pillow)?

  • Crossing a leg so an ankle is resting on the opposite knee and resting the arm cradling baby’s head on the crossed leg… so the baby is propped a bit.
  • Nurse in a Moby or sling which serves as a cover.
  • Prop arm on purse or diaper bag. If baby is easily distracted, cover up with a blanket.
  • Try to either lean back a little so baby’s weight was off mom’s arm.
  • Try to find a chair with an armrest.
  • When baby is a toddler… baby just stood and nursed.
  • At even a very early age: Nursing while baby sits up on a knee, head supported in hand… I find this position works great in public situations when you dont have a pillow on hand but it also helps prevent gas-keeping baby happier, longer.
  • When they were old enough to sit up, I would let them sit on my lap/vertically to nurse.
  • Use a blanket as a pillow.
  • Had a ring sling also called a William Sears Sling designed by Dr William Sears, breastfed my daughter in it till she was 27 months.
  • Personally, I have also found that I prefer normal shirts or tank tops that I lift up, as opposed to the breastfeeding tank tops that unsnap on the strap and you pull down. I think it’s more obvious and attention grabbing with the latter.
Do you have any tips for other mamas out there wondering the same thing?
  • Oh, and in case you missed this post from December, there is some great breastfeeding info here, too.

Image credit: Naturemandala

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May 16, 2011 (4:10 pm)

One of Kamea’s Favorite Raw Recipes – Cinnamon Apricot Prunes

by Kristen Suzanne

Kamea is 10 1/2 months old, and while she isn’t eating many solids (what can I say? She loves her mama’s breastmilk!), there is one recipe of which she actually eats a few spoonfuls. For the most part, she nibbles on an apple slice once in a while, she does the same with cucumber. But, most days, she’s still just tasting and experimenting with solids. Some gets on her face, some gets on her clothes, and a lot gets on the floor. But, once in a while… a little makes its way into her mouth. She also sprouted a few new teeth over the past week!

I’m glad she likes her Cinnamon Apricot Prunes because it’s loaded with iron and nutrients (mama and daddy love it, too! The cinnamon combined with the sweet apricots and prunes is yummers!).

Cinnamon Apricot Prunes

4 prunes
2 dried apricots*
Water to soak
pinch of ground cinnamon

Put the prunes and dried apricots in a bowl and add enough water to reach the top of them. Let them soak like this for an hour or so… you want them plump. Transfer the prunes, apricots, and soak water to a blender (I’m loving my Tribest Travel Blender for making Kamea’s purees lickety-split!). Add the cinnamon and blend to a puree. She doesn’t eat the entire thing in one sitting. What she doesn’t eat I store in the refrigerator if I don’t eat it myself. ;)

* My favorite place for dried apricots is Blue Mountain Organics. OMG! It’s like eating candy they’re so deliciously sweet!

Question! I’ve read that sippy cups are a bad idea because they can cause speech development problems and to use a sippy straw cup instead. Thoughts?

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May 13, 2011 (10:00 am)

My Guest Blog Post at Crazy Sexy Life

by Kristen Suzanne

Today, I’m featured at Crazy Sexy Life’s blog where I wrote: How to Raise an Eco-Friendly Baby. Come on over and check it out!

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May 7, 2011 (1:40 pm)

Beauty Time: Eco Friendly Makeup Brushes

topics: Fashion
by Kristen Suzanne

I’ve written a few times in the past about my skin care regimen and the various products that this green mama likes to use. And, today I want to talk about makeup brushes – an important tool for applying makeup when getting dolled up!

First, I want to mention that I was sent a couple of products from Juice Beauty to review. My first impression is that I’m not super crazy about the scent of the Cleansing Milk (it’s vegan), but we’ll see how it works as a cleanser. My skin has been feeling dry with our climate here in Arizona so I’m hopeful that it’ll help that. A quick check on EWGs Skin Deep website show that the products they have listed there rate from a 1-3 (low hazard). Have you tried Juice Beauty products? What do you think?

Back to makeup brushes… I found a relatively inexpensive brand, Ecotools, on Amazon and I tried their blush brush as my first purchase. I’m really happy with it and plan to buy other brushes from them. The brushes are made from recycled and sustainable materials. They have a bamboo handle and cruelty-free bristles. And, they donate 1% of sales to environmental organizations. I can definitely get behind a product like that!

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May 3, 2011 (5:36 pm)

Easter Eco Friendly Ideas

by Kristen Suzanne

My friend, Malynda, texted me some pictures of what she was doing over the Easter holiday and I had to share them because they were Green Mommy! She’s totally inspired me for future Easters with Kamea. :)

My little stinker bunny.

For starters… here is what they did for Easter eggs in keeping it eco (and vegan!) friendly. They painted wood eggs – how cute?!?! Now, I don’t know the greeness of the paint, but it’s a start by using the wood eggs. ;)

Ryan (Malynda's hubby) with their daughter, Tristyn.

And, here are the eco friendly Easter baskets she made for her adorable girls. Brilliant! Healthy, fun, and a great way to teach the little ones about green living by planting a garden. Well done, Malynda!

Do you have an eco friendly Easter tips and ideas for the family?

UPDATE! I found an article in Kiwi magazine sharing eco friendly DIY dye for easter eggs. It’s the April/May 2011 edition. For pink they used beets, water, and vinegar. For yellow they used turmeric powder and water. For Green, they used water and chlorophyll capsules. For blue, they used frozen blueberries, water, and vinegar.

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May 1, 2011 (12:57 pm)

Review (Book): Creating Healthy Children

topics: Reviews
by Kristen Suzanne

A long while back, when I was pregnant, I was asked to review the book, Creating Healthy Children, by Karen Ranzi. As you can imagine, I feel pretty bad for not getting to the review until now. And, unfortunately, I’m going to write this review without having really “read” the book thoroughly. You see, I do read quite a bit these days, but I can only do so if the book is available on Kindle, because I read books through the Kindle app on my iPhone. (I get reading time done while Kamea sleeps in bed with us, and it works out great. Other than that, I literally do not get the time to open a physical book while she’s awake.) However, when the day comes that I can sit down and read this, I’ll come back and write a review based on my actually reading the book! :)

Since I want to write the review without waiting any longer, I thought I would write about the book itself. So, let’s begin!

This book is big, offering you over 400 pages filled with information to help you raise a healthy raw vegan family. Some of the chapters include homebirth, raw food nutrition for pregnancy and childbirth (including a discussion of fats in a raw food pregnancy), exercise during pregnancy, vitamin B12, breastfeeding, attachment parenting and the family bed, feeding baby raw food, transitioning older kids to raw food, genetic engineering, homeschooling, vaccinations, dental health and raw food, the sun, and more. Wow! Is there anything she didn’t cover? I don’t think so. Heck, after writing this last paragraph, I want to dive into the book and read it right now (Karen, if you’re reading this, please offer this in ebook format).

I’m excited about this book because we need more research and information for raising a vegan and raw family that includes pregnancy nutrition and beyond. There just aren’t enough out there. So, thank you, Karen, for writing this!

You can buy Creating Healthy Children here.

Have you read this book yet? If so, what do you think?

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