April 13, 2011 (5:52 pm)

New Homes For My Sling(s)

by Kristen Suzanne

Hi, everyone!

I selected a winner for the hemp sling that I offered in this post, but I was so moved with all of the comments that I want to offer my other ring sling to another person. Here are the responses of the recipients. Katie and Kelly, please email me your addresses so I can ship them to you.

Here is Katie’s comment (for the black hemp sling):

Hi Kristen,

I would love to win your ring sling. I have two boys, one is 22months and the other is 6 months. My 6 month old loves to be carried around on my hip. He is so content sitting on my hip and seeing what’s going on. It makes it hard for me to do everything one handed. I think a ring sling would be a perfect option for him. Also, it would be very helpful when getting my little ones out to the car. We live in an apartment so getting out to the car means dealing with stairs and a walk across the parking lot to our car. To have my hands free would be a big help!

Here is Kelly Groves’ comment (for my multi colored ring sling, cotton, not organic… I’m not sure if you want this, please let me know if you do)

Oh me please!!! I am expecting my second in October and so desperately want a ring sling. With my daughter I had a different sort of sling, but never felt secure with it. I really want a carrier that actually allows me to use both hands, since I have a three year old to tend to! And while we could probably scrimp and save to buy one, I will be losing my very modest income once this baby is born.

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  • http://profiles.google.com/kkgroves13 Kelly Groves

    OMG! Thanks so much! I will email you right away! Thanks Kristen! You rock!!

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne


  • Katie

    Thank you so much! I have never won anything, I am so excited!!!

  • Katie

    p.s. What is your email address so that I can give you my address?

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