March 14, 2011 (2:21 pm)

Introducing Solids To Babies: Kamea’s First Foods

by Kristen Suzanne

I’m very excited and proud that I exclusively breastfed Kamea for so long. Over 8 months. But, the time has come and it feels right (last time I wrote about timing and introducing solids here). My little baby isn’t so little anymore. She cut her first tooth at 8 months, she started crawling at the same time. She’s big time! I’m a tad sad… lol… but excited, too. Geez, if I’m this way because she’s tasting solids, how will I be when she goes to college?

Kamea tinkering... aren't her feet so cute?!

Kamea is a little over 8 1/2 months now. For the past week or so, I’ve been introducing tastes to her. For example, when I’m eating an organic apple or pear, I let her lick it after each of my bites. She really likes that! I made a green juice with mostly cucumber, some celery, and a bit of swiss chard… I gave her a little tiny spoonful of it. Some made it into her mouth and some went on her shirt. Oh yeah… put a bib on me, mom! ;) But, I wouldn’t consider those examples to be eating solids. After all, her poop didn’t change.

Then, I tried to officially introduce her to smashed organic banana with breastmilk. We decided to use our new high chair (I scored a great deal on it at – more on that below. We used her little wooden bowl and spoon. We took the camera out. I thought this would be a big day!

Greg putting the high chair together.

Voila! Sleek high chair begging to be used!

Ready for solids!

Organic banana and breastmilk mashed together.

Let me check that out, Mama.

But, the introduction was just that. An introduction. She wasn’t crazy about it and I don’t think much made its way into her tummy. No biggie… it’s only an introduction after all. It’s an opportunity for her to smell, feel, taste, and see different foods that she now has access to. I also let her taste a mild green smoothie of mine a couple of days after that. She seemed to like the one taste, but didn’t want more.

Since she was excited about licking apples, I decided to blend apple and breastmilk together. Again though, not much interest. You know, they say it can take introducing a food up to 15 times before you know if a baby (or child) likes it or not. So, don’t give up!

Another day went by and I went back to mashing up a banana (no breastmilk) and what do you know? She had about 3 small bites. Whoo hoo!

A couple of days after that, I went back to blending apple with a little water and she ate a decent amount. Greg and I took turns feeding her. Then, it was official. Her poop changed! It would seem that she actually ate more of the apple sauce than wore it. :)

Bib? Check! Food? Check! High Chair? Next time...

Yesterday, I also blended up some soaked organic prunes with water and she wasn’t offended by the taste, but she wasn’t interested. I don’t think any of it made its way to her tummy, although her poop would make me think differently.

Deets on the high chair… The funny thing is that I’ve only had her in the high chair once. We do like it, especially the travel booster seat we can easily take to restaurants (we used it last week when we went to Cave Creek). It’s a Minui Handy Sitt. Contemporary looking, made of wood, and can be used for a long time. What I am finding, though, is that I’m just sitting on the floor with her and seeing if she wants to try something I made for her. Speaking of which, I’m making her food using my Travel Blender and it’s been great! So easy to clean and use. Anyway, back to the high chair. I should probably get in the habit of putting her in it to feed her. I’ll start doing that. ;)

I’ve been asked multiple times about our co-sleeping arrangement. I’ll blog about that next time!

So, what are your stories of introducing your little one to solids? Any great tips, tricks, or advice?

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  • bitt

    ps: I love her brown hair coming in and the hippie-ish necklace. I know it’s for teething but it’s also stylin’.

  • Maria Peters

    Matthew is a fantastic eater – he loves all food. He sits at the table with us in his tripp trapp for every meal and we let him take tastes of what we are eating in addition to the blended food that I make for him. My advice is to just keep trying… the first month or so is simply about exploring, eventually she will transition to more actual eating. Good luck!

  • Ashley

    Have you ever heard of baby led weaning (with regards to solids)? It worked well for us. Here is a good link http://www.wholesomebabyfood.c

  • Kristen Suzanne

    How old is Matthew?

  • Kristen Suzanne

    I have heard about that but didn't know a whole lot. I might try it.

    I'm afraid of choking though… Thanks for the link!

  • Lauren519

    I am so glad you are ahead of me on the baby stuff, lol! Where else would I get all my info?? ;)

    Audriana has the same organic PJs she has on in the one pic in her high chair! ;) Which by the way, cutest pic ever! Love it!! She has so much personality already!

  • Kristen Suzanne

    I was just telling Greg yesterday how different she is now vs before

    xmas. She has serious personality now, it's written all over her face.

    I know what you mean… I have a friend who is quite a bit ahead of me

    with her baby's age, but I still get great info from her!

  • hihorosie

    aw, I can't believe how much she's grown and changed! She's so stinkin cute! I love food introductions. It took awhile when we first started Caleb on solids but he loves most foods he's tried. And it's funny his food repetoire is more extensive than most US adults. ;)

  • Megan

    My little girl is 8.5 months and she is not a fan of most pureed fruits and veggies (sadly, even the stuff I make in the Beaba babycooker), but for some reason LOVES whatever I'm eating. The challenge is giving her things that aren't choking hazards, but I've been letting her eat what she's interested in. Should be easier when she gets a tooth or two!

  • Kat

    We've been doing a mix of purées and handheld food. I find my 10 month old would rather hold a banana and chew on it than eat it off a spoon. She likes textured foods like lentils, stone cut oats, etc. Mainly I just give her a bit of whatever we have for dinner and let her chew on it, since we all eat at the table together and it keeps her occupied. She'd really rather have what we have than “special” baby food, anyway! I try to have something tasty on hand in case dinner isn't baby friendly, like applesauce, leftover baked sweet potatoes, bananas, defrosted peas, etc. I also don't sweat it if she doesn't eat much in one meal, since some days she eats a lot and some days she doesn't. It all works out, and I know she's covered since she's nursing, anyway.

  • Kristen Suzanne

    Great advice. Thx!

  • bitt

    My sister's baby (6 months) is not that interested in solids either. There is SO much pressure from the grandparents about it. I'll tell her to try applesauce.

  • Kristen Suzanne

    Lol. Our parents know not to even broach the topic with me. ;)

  • Deborah Robbins

    so cute–love this stage in a baby's development, my granddaughter (100% breastfed) Maya is 5 months old and mommy is thinking about solids in the next few months…she is already showing signs of interest! Where oh where did you find the sweet wooden bowl and spoon?

  • Kristen Suzanne

    I think I linked to it in a previous post. I'll look.

  • Judyhelmstetter

    She is one of a kind, like her parents. She's growing like a sunflower, ha ha.

  • Kristen Suzanne

    Hi Judy! So glad you read my post. :)

  • Laura Rico

    Wow! Kamea looks so cute and big!!

    Santi has 7.5 months and he loves all the food I give to him. I started with some cooked and puree zuccini, then some carrot, peas and even spinach. On the fruit side he loves raw green and yellow pear, apple, mango, banana and papaya.
    My pediatrician said that is good to give him one day fruit and the other day vegetables so he doesnt's get used just to sweets foods.
    Today I made a green smoothie with fresh orange juice, mango and spinach for my husband and me and when Santi looked my hubby drinking his smoothie he started trying to get some smoothie from him. We decided to give him a little in his cup and he devoread with joy!! He is such a good eater!! =o)

  • Kristen Suzanne

    Ooh, great info. Thanks! What kind of cup did you use? I've heard

    sippy cups can be bad for their teeth? Any thoughts?

  • Kristen Suzanne
  • ellenp1214

    baby led weaning is incredible. highly recommend it.

  • Stephanie M

    If my in-laws and sister in-law ask me one more time when we are going to give Ella-Jade, who is 5.5 months, solids I am going to blow a casket!! My mom knows better even though she hints at it sometimes!!! ;)

  • Stephanie M

    I think that is what we are going to try when Ella-Jade is ready for solids. Heard a lot of good things about it!

  • Laura Rico

    We are using a small glass, not really a sippy cup. I read that the sippy cups can be bad for their teeth too and also that some times they delay their languages skills, so we are not using them. I also read that it's much better to transition directly to the glass instead of the sippy cup.

  • Kristen Suzanne

    Thx for the info!

  • Triinu

    I'm a big fan of BLW, it worked really well for us, and I'll do it again with nr 2! BLW helps against choking, as they learn quickly how to chump with their gums, and if they do get something in the wrong hole, they learn how to bring it up again. We've never had problems with choking.

    Another link:

    She's soo cute, and good luck with solids!

    P.S. Tried to reply to other BLW links, but it didn't work…

  • Bonnie Jean

    Have you tried avocado with her yet? That is still my DD's fav food. It was the second food we gave her after breastmilk and banana. One of natures perfect foods! :) I think you are doing a great job following KAmea's lead. Every baby is different and progresses at different times in different ways. I think the best thing you can do is support a childs natural development and process which you are doing to a T! :)

  • Kristen Suzanne

    She doesn't like it… So far.

  • Magda @ No Food Diet

    My baby is just 4 months now and I am reading the Baby-led Weaning book. It just sounds right to me. I think we are going to do it too. Everything she says about feeding actual solid food instead of purees makes so much sense. The only difference is that I still want to use a structured approach of one food at a time to check for allergic reactions since I have a lot of food allergies myself.

  • Kristen Suzanne

    I'm still freaked about the choking bit. (we took infant CPR and it's scary!). And, some foods just seem better pureed, but that's me. I'm cool with giving her some big chunks to hold and nosh on though. We all gotta do what we feel is best.

  • Bonnie Jean

    Rats! I am sure there will be plenty of things she will like! :) You know, it took introducing blueberries to M about 8 times before she liked them, now I have to give her a portion and then put them away because she won't stop eating them. She actually had too many one night and I got to see them again at about 2am. I should have known not to keep letting her eat them. Lol. There are some things that she just doesn't like no matter how many times I have tried…like carrots. I guess everyone has their own palette!

  • Kristen Suzanne

    Oh, I plan to keep trying! :) ))

  • Becky

    My son didn't like food mixed with breastmilk, either. He seems to like it better all on it's own :)

  • Teresa

    bananas and apples are great fruits to introduce…how about barley or oatmeal cereals mixed with breastmilk as well.
    She is beautiful Kristen !

  • Kristen Suzanne

    Thank you! I'm going to stay away from grains and such for now.

    Introduce them later. :)

  • Maggie

    I wanted to exclusively breastfeed for longer than six months too, but our wee man is soo interested in food he is literally snatching it out of my hand. He is only 6 mo and he ate a whole mashed banana for lunch the other day. I give him avocado for dinner. I started off giving tastes too and he likes a green smoothie.

  • Kristen Suzanne

    Wow a whole banana!

  • Cristina

    Hi there, I just wanted to tell you about this little self-feeder thing (Muchkin Fresh Food Feeder, available on Amazon), a plastic ring with a net where you put a piece of food inside and the baby can hold it, suck on it but not swallow anything more than puree. It’s also great for teething, since they can rub it against their gums, and you can put cold fruits in there to help soothe sore gums.
    Blessings to you and your family!

  • K&M

    My LO is almost 9 months and she has absolutely no interest in eating solids (or mush). She's only interested in touching everything we eat. We tried feeding her avocado smash at first and loved it. Then, a week later she didn't want anything! She refused it all – all homemade, natural, unadulterated, only smashed. And, gagged at the last thing we tried – rice cereal. *gasp* Yes, we tried everything. But, the rice cereal was only because she was refusing breast milk, too! (eating strike lasted about 5-6 hrs) Now, we just let her play with our food… carefully. We're hoping she takes a bite one day. I'll have to check into Baby Led Weaning… sounds like something we'll have to do.

  • Tara

    We are doing baby led weaning with our 8 month old and it is amazing. I was skeptical, at first because like you I am really paranoid about choking. I have just been chopping Sadie's food up into little pieces that are small enough she wont choke. I know some mamas give their little ones a really big piece of something and let them take nibbles, but I find my little will take WAY too big of bites that way. I think you just have to do what works best for you and your baby.

  • Kristen Suzanne

    Thanks for sharing. Good stuff. :)

  • Kristen Suzanne

    I have heard of those. Our naturopath suggested them.

  • Teresa

    I just went on the baby led weaning website and it shows a baby eating a huge chunk of pork chop. Not only would I NEVER give my baby a pork chop but they do not have the proper chewing or teeth to get through whole solid food and choking would be a huge consequence. IMO, starting off with pureed food introduces them to the different tastes of the food and is much SAFER.

  • Kristen Suzanne

    Yeah chunks scare me a bit. We took infant CPR and even a small piece can cause trouble.

  • Whitneypspears

    Hey Kristen,

    I love your blog and I love love the high chair – it will be really great in a few more months when she is walking and want to climb up to eat a meal with you all – in terms of the high chair for now – try maybe if you can to get a small sized infant table with two chairs – one for her to sit in and one for you to sit in and assist her as needed with her feeding/eating – if she interested in the solid foods – the sitting at the table of her size will make her feel more independent as she learns and begins to feed herself! Just a thought. :)

  • Kristen Suzanne

    Haha not sure we have room ;)

  • Jessegale

    Great post — thanks! I started feeding my baby solids on my fingertip — just whatever I was eating, if I thought it'd be okay for him. Sweet potato, banana, avocado… then, when we put him in the high chair and started using a spoon, he picked it up right away.

  • shannonmarie

    I think I introduced solids to Hayden at 6 months, although she was breastfed until she fully weaned herself in January (she's almost 19 months now). Most pediatricians advise starting with grains, but I didn't give them at all to her in the beginning. Instead, I gave her bananas and avocados. Both were good bases for pureeing in other fruits and veggies. Her faves were blueberries with both banana and avocado (sprinkled with spirulina, of course) and peas with avocado. Here are her posts about her recipes:

    After a while, I'd puree some of what I was eating (she was a big fan of pureed roasted root veggies with garlic and olive oil, or a simple sweet potato) or straight up give it to her if it was already pureed. Every time I'd make a raw smoothie or pudding, I'd put some aside for her (no wonder I eat so much pureed stuff). She still likes it when I do that, although she can handle chunkier foods now. Currently, she loves raisins … and raw cupcakes:

    Good luck with the solids. I'm sure Kamea will enjoy anything you prepare for her with love :-)

  • Kristen Suzanne

    Thanks for all the tips. :) I haven't ventured into superfood land with her yet. Plan to though.

  • shannonmarie

    You're welcome. Each child is different. She'll let you know when she's ready.

  • Kristen Suzanne

    The past couple of days she is telling me she's not ready. ;)

  • shannonmarie

    Then maybe she's not. Don't stress over it. Babies can sense that sort of thing. Whenever I've felt like I was forcing Hayden to try something, she'd just throw it back at me (literally). It's got to be relaxed and her idea. Besides, she is still breastfed, getting the best food on Earth.

    Speaking of breastfeeding, I just discovered these some cool printouts on the Kind Over Matter blog. If you go to the site's freebies page and pan down, you'll find cards that you can print out to thank other moms for breastfeeding. So cool. You deserve one :-)

  • Aimee


    I just found out that I am pregnant. I am a vegan and what to make sure I get a good amount of Omega 3's during this time. I have previously been taking flaxseed, but I have read some warnings about taking it during pregnancy. Do you have any suggestions for a good supplement to take? Thank you so much.

  • Kristen Suzanne

    Check into chia seeds and hemp seeds. Also, I take a vegan DHA supplement.

  • Kristen Suzanne

    PS Congratulations!

  • aimee

    Can I ask what that supplement is? Thanks!

  • Kristen Suzanne


  • The Picky Foodie

    Hi Kristen –
    I've been introducing Vida Lev to solids for 4 months now. Slooooowly. She still gets most of her nutrition from breast milk though that is changing way quicker than I expected — and yes, I understand your mixed feelings :)
    It's been an amazing journey so far. Now, she asks for the spoon, feeds herself, and has definite yes's and no's about what she's in the mood for. (she's 10 months old)
    Bananas haven't worked for us — they gave Vida some serious tummy trouble.
    Though I can tell you some of the things that have:
    Avocado slices with a tiny bit of blue/green algae sprinkled on top. Her absolute favourite.
    Also, I pureed a little cucumber, carrot and apple pulp from one of my green juices with some water (also with my travel blender), and it went over a treat. So now I juice in such a way that I can use some pulp for her.
    Vida Lev also loves lettuce! (mostly because it's fun to play with and rip though she does eat a little of it too)
    Pear, parsley and a tiny bit of date went over quite well.
    I add greens here and there — a little kale, come spinach, parsley, cilantro — for baby green smoothies — she loves them
    And yes, prunes. She loved the mixture of carrot, avocado and prune.
    Vida Lev loves being able to feed herself and hold the food in her hand. I think she's interested in exploring textures.
    Personally, I have kept food and breastmilk apart. No real reason other than that was what worked best for me.
    But yes, we've taken it slow. Now Vida Lev expresses very clearly whether she wants food from me (breastmilk) or other food. It's wonderful.
    Oh two other things she loves: nori (I give her tiny squares, like pinhead size, which she enjoyed sucking off her fingers or add to purees) and raspberries. Shazzie actually has a great recipe with raspberries, tahini and mesquite although they are just the right size for her little hands — she has a blast! (I know they are supposedly an allergen, but they seemed to work very well for her, and we are in the UK right now so when organic raspberries became available, I jumped on the opportunity to give her a fruit other than pear or apple!)
    I'm excited to hear about your adventures as well.

    PS we do a kind of mixture between baby led weaning, which we love, and other stuff. I've found that it really depends on Vida Lev's moods. Like with everything concerning our child, we've found that above and beyond any philosophy, it's about being flexible.

  • The Picky Foodie

    Oh and one more thing :)
    I love mixing raw and cooked. For example, I pureed leftover roasted squash, broccoli and zucchini, which Vida Lev originally ate as finger foods with fresh coconut meat and coconut water. It was a real treat. That way I know she's getting the best of all worlds. :)

  • Kristen Suzanne

    Great stuff! Thx for sharing :)

  • elainie

    Aside from avo's, cukes – my last 2-3 babies enjoyed coconut yogurt- home-made raw fermented of course, I did the baby led weaning as they were a bit older than Kamea and not as much risk for choking , after age 2 I introduced cooked items such as steamed broccoli and squash and they ate that with their hands- bananas and very sweet fruit we stayed away from and went with whatever was in season and local so that was limited to stone fruits, apples and berries. Breastmilk remained their primary food up until age 2 1/2- 3 as they were just eating a few solids once or twice a day primarily eating those in the evening as breastmilk supply tends to be lower then.

  • Oct0br

    My baby had Milk and Soy Protein Intolerance (MSPI) and that made for a different approach to by diet and his. I nursed for as long as I could (about 12 months) but when he started dulling at the dinner table after my food and signing “please” I had to give in. I am not picky about texture or spices and did not want my children being picky either so one of the best choices I made was to put spices (flavor not hot, not at first anyway) into his food. Everything from cumin to mint. Some fresh some dried. I also changed the texture of the basic foods I had to start him on, like sweet potatoes. One feeding might be totally pureed with breast milk and the next slightly mashed. Both kids will eat just about anything and it makes for a much happier home and exciting dinner table, not to mention when missionary friends come for a visit and cook and my kids get really happy about it. They think spring rolls mean party!

  • Sayward

    This is great! I love that Kamea is just a few months younger than my little one. It's nice to see other bloggers writing about going through the same things, at the same time. I know you say you're going to keep Kamea raw for now, but in the long term do you plan to keep her vegan? I assume yes, but I also know you've read Evie's Kitchen so I was wondering your thoughts on that.

    I hate being that person who pimps my site in the comments, but I did just write a little series on starting vegan babies on solids . . . so I figured you really might enjoy checking it out. Hope it's okay to link.

  • Kristen Suzanne

    I am keeping her vegan. There is no reason not to. I don't know how

    long she'll be raw… that is yet to be determined. Pimp away. ;)

  • Sayward

    Awesome, glad to hear that. =)

  • Natalia

    Hi Kristen, I'm sorry to bother you in such a difficult time…I'm really sorry for Zeus…I have 3 dogs and I can't imagine how hard it will be for us in the future.
    But I'm feeling very lost on my search for resources for feeding a vegan baby! I would like to ask you if you know any good reference book for vegan/vegetarian babies. My pediatrician gave me a hard time this week on my son's 9-month appointment since he didn't gain much weight. He is healthy, tall, and very active. But he doesn't look as chubby as he used to be when he was 3-4 months. He is breastfed and eats about 2 portions of puree veggies and fruits a day. She told me to introduce meats and I said, “we don't eat meat”, so she said, then dairy and eggs and I said…”we don't eat that either”. She said we have to introduce dairy or eggs at least temporarily…For the “protein”…I don't want to risk my son's health, obviously, but I was wondering if you know my options at this stage, since we can't give him nuts yet (and soy, I think)…Again, I'm really sorry to bother you, but your blog has been so helpful…Thank you so much:) Natalia

  • Kristen Suzanne

    Check the link to the right under my picks/favorites about books. In that post I list a book from Dr. Fuhrman and an Idiots Guide book. Get both! :) also, is your doc using a BF growth chart? Many babies drop in weight. Perfectly natural and safe in most cases.

  • Natalia

    Thanks so much, I'll get the books now!! Also, I've read the comments on this thread and they made me feel much better, great suggestions. I'll start mixing avocado w/ his veggies and see if my son likes it — great source of fat. In terms of the %, my doctor at least used the BF growth chart this time; my son is on the 43% for weight (85% for height) but he was on the 75% for weight ( “standard” chart) in his last visit at 6-months. I think he's perfectly healthy, but the doctor freaked me out a little. Thanks again Kristen, you are awesome:)

  • Kristen Suzanne

    Kamea was high at 6 months and dropped even lower than your son now. She's also 75th for length. Her naturopath isn't concerned. Said it's normal. ;)

  • Jlhoucek

    I noticed Kamea on the floor in a few of your pictures. My little girl is just starting to crawl and I'm terrified of letting her crawl on the floor where who knows what kind of toxins are just lying there for her to pick up. Did you experience any anxiety about this? If so, how do you cope?

  • Kristen Suzanne

    No. She needs the right to crawl – Vital for development. I wouldn't dream of not letting her. She doesn't crawl in public places of course.

    We don't wear shoes in the house (major source of toxins!) and I wash/vacuum my floors regularly.