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Giveaway! Sprout Wellness Award Winning All-Over Cream!

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by Kristen Suzanne

It’s giveaway time on Green Mommy Blog and I’m stoked to have the opportunity to offer you the chance to win one of my all-time favorite body creams – Sprout Wellness’ Award Winning All-Over Cream. (Thank you for sponsoring this, Sprout Wellness!) I’ll be selecting one winner (details on how to participate are below).

I wrote about my love of their products here – be sure to check it out! Ever since I first tried this product, I’ve been hooked. I have a jar in my bathroom (I share it with Kamea) and a jar on my desk. It’s divine!

And, here is some great information about the product from their website…

Ever had this experience before? “Man, my skin feels dry. I need some moisturizer.” {Apply moisturizer.} {One minute goes by.} “Man, my skin feels dry. I need some moisturizer.”

Ya, that’s not supposed to happen. Many moisturizers are made with water as a base, which evaporates quickly from the skin, leaving you as dry (or drier) than before! Sprout’s All-Over Cream isn’t, obviously. It’s designed to actually moisturize your skin, so you don’t have to keep using it every three minutes.

Our ingredients:

-wildcrafted, fair-trade shea butter
-organic extra-virgin coconut oil
-organic extra-virgin olive oil

What it does for you:

-natural SPF of 6
-high in anti-oxidants
-aids in skin cell regeneration
-promotes skin elasticity
-treats blemishes, skin discolorations, chapped lips, wrinkles, rashes, stretch marks, and sun spots

Want the chance to win? Simply answer the question below by commenting in this blog post’s comment section. Entries will be accepted until February 21st, 2011 at 11:59pm. I will randomly draw one name and announce the winner on Green Mommy Blog February 22nd by responding to the winner’s comment in the comment section below. *Please note: this giveaway is open to U.S. participants only.

Question: What things are you doing (or have done – or plan to do) to be a “green” mommy?

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Want yet another chance to win? Post about this giveaway on your blog, linking back to it, and then let me know in a separate comment.

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  • Sara

    I make all my own baby food and have bought almost all of her clothes from the thrift store.

  • http://bittsblog.blogspot.com bitt

    well, as an aunt, i give my niece reused books and clothes so I don’t have to buy something new.

    as a dog mommy, i feed my dogs vegan so they don’t contribute to factory farming.

  • Sandy Harper

    Retweeted as @BecomeHealthier!

  • Kanderson

    We recycle everything we possibly can. My son loves to seperate it out into the bins he and I decorated with cut up magazines/newspapers. We also use eco friendly cleaning products for our home as well as buying as much food organic as we possibly can. And we love our local farmers market in the summer time!

  • Kanderson

    Posted on Facebook for others to enjoy!

  • Bldent

    I have released my fears of giving my son too much fruit and started embracing fruit smoothies (hopefully I can incorporate more greens at a later time). I also bought fun reusable straws that help make the experience more fun:)

  • Steph

    organic baby food, used clothing & toys, 7th Generation products

  • http://www.loveveggiesandyoga.com Averie

    green mommy things?

    i nursed for 3 yrs (not buying cans of formula is green!)

    And i cloth diapered

    And of course always reuseable cups and snack bags/totes

  • Maria

    I make my own organic food for Matthew- starting with breastmilk and now as he starts to try new organic fruits and veggies. I also LOVE wearing him around in our organic Ergo!

  • Mccaalum Sara

    We grow our food, plant trees, Cloth diapers, Earth Mama Angel Baby products, No VOC crib, organic sheets, and “hand me down clothes”. Thank you so much!!! :)

  • Mccallum Sara

    Ok, I put it on my FB page!! Thanks sister!!

  • http://gingeristhenewpink.blogspot.com/ Lauren519

    I try to be as green as possible, especially with my baby! We try to buy organic clothes, eco friendly toys and breastfeeding has to be GREEN! NO formula bottles!! ;)

  • http://gingeristhenewpink.blogspot.com/ Lauren519

    Tweeted: @LaurenGinger

  • Tasha

    We buy our clothes at the consignment store and toys as well. And we used cloth diapers for both boys! Fun, fun!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1270878865 Jennifer Manzano

    I LOVE Sprout Wellness! And I LOVE being a GREEN mommy! My son is a little older now…I just got him off his training wheels so that we can drive less and exercise more together. Getting him involved in our organic garden has really piqued his interest in food–he'll only eat beans out of our garden! He's turning into quite the (organic, healthy) foodie! I also recently switched from store-bought green cleaners to making my own from simple ingredients like baking sode and vinegar. I feel SO much better when he drops food on the floor and then picks it up to eat it…kids will be kids, but making the house healthy is our job!

  • Veronica

    Planning to get pregnant this Fall! I am preparing to be a green mommy by being vegan, using cloth diapers and I plan to make my own baby food. :)

  • vbraselton

    With having my first baby in August I really started researching and implementing ways to become more green. My husband and I purchased cloth diapers, which we air dry instead of using the dryer. I have joined a fruit/vege co-op to get organic food from local farmers and home make my baby food. We extensively recycle everything we can. We use a brita filter instead of purchasing bottled water. All of our baby's clothes (except 3 outfits) were either given to us second hand by friends or bought second hand a children's used clothes store. Last but not least we made several major improvements in our home to make our home more energy efficient to include a new air conditioner, new windows and heat blocking drapes (we live in Arizona). I know I still have a long way to go, but it feels good to get started on being green.

  • vbraselton

    Posted on facebook – Victoria Braselton

  • Myrasarikaya

    Using G diapers, enjoying organic foods, recycling baby clothes, and getting my kid's toys from the bulk trash:)

  • http://twitter.com/janani_b Janani Bala

    making baby food from scratch!

  • http://color-so-loud.tumblr.com Kat

    We cloth diaper, try to buy organic or used clothing, eat vegetarian/mostly homecooked, shop farmers markets & get to know our farmers and their produce. We talk about where food comes from, and why we make the choices we do. We use natural cleaning products in the home and are mostly fragrance free outside of essential oils. I'm sure there are other things as well.

  • Sandy Harper

    When my son, Jake, was a baby I made homemade baby food and breastfed. Now that he's four, we walk to school and I carpool with another Mom to the grocery store (where we use our own bags). I'm in the market for a new car and plan to “go green” this time!

  • Lili

    I’m a teenager now, but when the time comes I plan to:
    - use cloth diapers as much as possible
    - buy natural, environmentally friendly wipes/baby products
    - continue to eat an organic, plant-based diet
    - educate my children about green livinPr

  • Amy

    I teach my son why we are vegan. We have a garden that he enjoys helping with and he loves helping me can our produce. Sometimes he goes to the basement just to look at our canned goods!

  • http://s.rvxn.org/ sui solitaire

    I am going to use reusable diapers, and feed my child a vegan / mostly raw diet! :]

  • http://www.loveveggiesandyoga.com Averie

    tweeted it! :)

  • Alissa

    Cloth diapering, belonging to a CSA, using green cleaning products, buying locally where possible, helping teach my kids about conserving and making good choices.

  • Bea

    Thanks for this great offer! I've purchased several great books on having and raising a “green” baby as well as enrolling in the “Your Conscious Pregnancy & Parenting Guide” course through the Body Mind Institute. I just recently found out I'm pregnant (and have yet to announce it to everyone) so I'm only getting started on this path, but this cream would certainly help as we grow together while keeping our health and environment green as can be :) Looking forward to reposting for more chances to win, but I must wait until it's official.

  • http://twitter.com/ColourfulPalate Charissa

    Good question: I have lots of things I hope to do one day…but for sure, I'd like to make my own baby wipes!

  • http://twitter.com/ColourfulPalate Charissa

    Tweeted about it!

  • Oli Oli

    Breastfeeding, making baby food, and eating organic.

  • Steph

    I plan to nurse, make my own baby wipes, and use cloth diapers!

  • Tiffany

    I used cloth diapers, and breast fed both kids for 1 year. Now, I give my boys green drinks in the morning before school!

  • Foldedcorner

    I nursed both of my girls, one until she was two. Now I use a glass water bottle.

  • http://www.blyssfulhealth.blogspot.com/ Sasha

    Tweeted about it.

  • http://healthyhoggin.com Megan @HealthyHoggin

    I'm not a mommy yet, but I plan on using cloth diapers, all-natural cleaners, and eventually making my child plenty of green drinks to enjoy!

  • http://healthyhoggin.com Megan @HealthyHoggin

    Just tweeted!

  • http://healthyhoggin.com Megan @HealthyHoggin

    Posted about it on my blog here: http://healthyhoggin.com/2011/…/

    So excited about this giveaway– I've been dying to try Sprout Wellness products!!

  • Tara

    Exclusive breastfeeding, no solids until after 6 months, vegetarian, green smoothies, cloth diapering, cloth pull-ups, cloth wipes, homemade baby food. Homemade raw almond milk instead of cow's milk. Babywearing, co-sleeping. Attachment parenting.

  • http://www.rohzustand.com Kris

    I let my twins eat as much raw food as they want to eat, we only buy clothes second hand or organic and we are planting a lot of edible food in our garden and buy only organic.

    I am a 100% raw vegan but my kids are not. They are nearly 5 and they don't want it. I hope I am a good rolemodel. At home they are pretty much raw but with friends and kindergarten…that's not so easy at all.



  • Amanda Clark

    I have begun using all natural cleaning products and reusable shopping bags. The bags are important now that Im changing my diet and shopping for produce 3 or 4 times a week:)

  • Sara D

    Well, I've started to learn how to be a green mommy before even becoming a mommy!

  • ShanaMcMullan

    Posted on my Facebook

  • Tsveg07

    I feed my son lots of non packaged healthy whole plant foods!

  • Tsveg07

    Posted on facebook

  • Sunnyhawk

    I'm actually a green GRANDmommy, but love your blog. I am making my own baby food for my granddaughter (just as I did for my two sons) and encouraging her mother to do the same.

  • Ally (oatsandspice)

    I tweeted about your giveaway (oatsandspice)


  • Conie1220

    in the future: organic food, organic bedding, homeknit blankets, sweaters, and socks
    and hopefully learning a lot more about what I can do until then!

  • Conie1220

    Tweeted @coniecone :)

  • Conie1220

    linked on my blog

  • Becky *Live Green * Dream Big!

    Love this! Thank you (:
    Sprout wellness looks divine…I'm going to head over & give this a try. Our WI winter has been so hard on my skin – this is just what I need!

    GREEN = hmmm…where to start, honestly we are always trying coming up with more ways to live 'more' green! Nursed for 2+ yrs, re-cycled & “up-cycled” clothes & toys. Eat & Shop locally when possible + reuseable bags & snack containers & when you ask our daughter this question she will say “you can tell we're green because we start EVERYDAY with a GREEN SMOOTHIE” (; Thanks Kristen! xo

  • rawesome goddess

    i enjoy massaging essential oils on my baby!

  • CrunchyMamaLife

    we cloth diaper, make most of our homemade babyfood and nutmilk, buy in bulk where we can, keep our our heat low in the winter (oh how I shiver) and ac high in the summer, eat out rarely, buy from Farmer's Market as much as possible, and avoid most processed foods like the plague! I'm sure there are some other things, but to this foggy mama brain, those are what I can think of now… :-)

    The cream looks so wonderful! I have nice dry, crackly skin and am always on the search for the really moisturizing, but really good for you, cream.

  • CrunchyMamaLife

    Here's the link to my blog post! So excited about the giveaway!


  • CrunchyMamaLife
  • Lauren

    Make our own baby food (with organic/local), cloth diaper, air dry most things, recycle anything we can.

  • Lauren

    Added to my Facebook!

  • Lauren

    Tweeted, too :)

  • Optimisticjessica

    I'm about to have my 2nd baby any day now. Our contribution to being green has been trying to shop locally as much as possible, reusing and reducing “trash” as much as possible, and going vegan. :) I just bought the baby bullet so that I can make homemade baby food when the time comes. We also LOOOOOVE our green smoothies everyday.

  • Optimisticjessica

    Just added the link to my FB :)

  • Optimisticjessica

    Just blogged the giveaway http://jess-gone-raw.blogspot…. :)

  • http://demandablueblog.blogspot.com/ Amanda

    We cloth diaper, use cloth wipes and cloth napkins instead of going through a million rolls of paper towels cleaning up stuff all day. We shop locally for produce and we're a vegetarian (almost vegan) family. We also compost our food waste and our recycling pile is always as big as our garbage pile each week!

  • Kate

    I am expecting my first baby at the end of this month, which brought with it lots of new plans to be greener. I have a nice stash of cloth diapers and reusable wipes now. I stocked up on baby clothes from second-hand stores and firends who are all done having babes. The new onesies and things I bought are organic, and instead of buying shirts with designs on them I made my own designs from old clothes that are ruined, etc. and am sewing them onto his plain tops. I have a bundle of recipes ready for my Vitamixer also for when he starts eating baby food in the summer.

  • Audrey

    I am researching my options with cloth diapering and reusable wipes. I also plan on making my own baby food this time around, which I did not do with my first two. I am also doing research on organic mattresses, bedding and clothing for baby.

  • Audrey

    just added the link to my FB page

  • http://mymilkweed.wordpress.com/ Angelica

    I'm not a mother yet, but I'm practicing! My roommate just had a healthy little boy three months ago and I've helped her look for all-nautral, organic, recycled (when appropriate, like some items of baby clothes) products that will help nurture him instead of slather him in toxins. I had no idea that the baby industry was so full of pressure on moms to buy all these things they don't need — and it's easy for a new mother to feel overwhelmed that she isn't making the best choices for her baby based on media frenzy. Yuck!

  • Defiant Kitty aka (Annette)

    What I've done to be a green mommy ( Is changed my hair dye to a chemical free veg one), I changed all my cleansers in the home to 7th Generation, I purchased a To Go Ware kit for my lunch for work, I've been eating raw most of the days for the past month 1/2. Last but not least I stopped buying bottled water and I bought a filtering system container for my apt.

    Just wanted to say I love your blog I don't always comment but I read what you have to say and I'm happy that I found you.

    Hugs and blessings,


  • http://www.facebook.com/sara.wolfe1 Sara Wolfe

    What I have done to be a green mommy—my last baby has been breastfed for 13 months and still going strong! Also, I have made most of his baby food at home, saving waste from entering the landfills. I use organic fruits and veggies for his (and for my older two children) food. And I didn't have to buy a lot of baby gear and supplies this time around. I've used the same crib, carseat, stroller, pack and play, and clothes for all three children.

  • Leanne

    We are BIG on the basics — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! My 8 year old is learning =)

  • Cathomas13

    I make my own organic baby food and I'm researching going “poo” free by using baking soda and water instead of traditional shampoo.

  • Bryant

    I don't know that I will be a mommy, but my body and home will be clean and green if I am- juicing, whole food multi vitamin, high raw, homemade cleaning supplies, etc. :)

  • Hollyros

    My kids are all grown and out of the house now, but we made our own baby food with a grinder & froze it in large cube ice cube trays. I'd pop out what was needed and never had to worry about what went into my childrens food and had less waste going into the landfills (those little glass jars).

  • Melissa

    I breastfeed my little girl. I use cloth diapers and soon will start with cloth wipes. I use glass containers in lieu of plastic. I plan on making my own baby food at home when she begins solids. I eat organic at all chances possible. I bought an organic mattress and bedding set for my little girl. I wear my baby.

  • Anna

    We use cloth diapers, make our own baby food from organic fruits and veggies, and have kept any new larger items we need to a minimum, using second-hand items whenever possible.

  • wen

    use environmental friendly diapers…

  • http://www.therobertsonsofmumbai.com The Robertsons of Mumbai

    Tweeted yesterday (actually, re-tweeted your original tweet, if that counts!).

  • http://www.therobertsonsofmumbai.com The Robertsons of Mumbai

    I am learning about how to be a green mommy (TTC coming up beginning next month) by reading both of your wonderful blogs and following yoru recommended steps for preparing myself and my environment in order to get ready for a green baby in the future! ;)

  • http://twitter.com/GranolaFunkMama Kaddy

    As natural and down to earth as being green seems, sometimes it's not easy ;) . When you live out on a farm, washing and drying your clothes on a line fits in the natural rhythm of life. But when you live in a city, you have to save the dirty cloth diapers in a diaper bag, and haul them from daycare to home to wash them for the next day. I managed to keep the kids in cloth diapers for about a year before I folded for the convenience factor.
    I used to take the bus to work, but after #2 was born, I had to get a car because the bus didn't pass by the daycare house. Such a shame that as I want to get closer to the earth, I'm pulled in the opposite direction by practicality and exhaustion. It ain't easy being green when you are stretched so thin. We still live in a society where it does take a level of prep and planning. There are some things I've managed to keep it real on: like buying all local foods from a coop op and cooking all our meals from scratch. We use reusable containers, straws, and snack baggies. Our cars are super efficient. Any time I plan on making a purchase I always check craigslist to see if the item might be available used. You'll be surprised the odd things people offer.

  • Taryn

    I fill my green mommy quota with a daily smoothie for my kids. Filled with fruit, almond milk, probiotics, stevia and an occasional green. My kids love it and I love that its healthy!

  • Taryn

    Post on twitter….. Check!


  • Taryn

    Facebook post………check!



  • Emily

    Hi Kristen! I am pregnant with my first and I try to be a green mommy by eating mostly organic and avoiding all chemicals, artificial fragrances and coloring in my products–so I would love to try this one!

    Love the blog–keep it up!

  • Elizabeth

    I am doing my best to transition to a vegan diet as well as rid my home of all non-green cleaners and personal care products.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/7BEV7KLQQYBUZI3ST5OJJP3KZM KathleenM

    I eat almost all organic food and exercise daily to prepare for a bun in the oven!

  • Jejobe

    I'm planning to cloth diaper and buy as little 'baby crap' as possible!

  • Janet

    Baby is now almost 11 months. We use mostly cloth diapers. We either borrowed or bought used most of our baby gear. I specifically asked for used baby gear for baby shower… I also love to make our own baby food :)

  • Christine

    For my first child (hopefully in the very near future) I plan on an all natural birth. I eat mostly organic and make sure my body is healthy in every way to provide the best health for my baby. I've been making beauty products at home, scrub, moisturizer, and deodorant and I'd love to try these products.

  • Njnear1

    When my first daughter was born almost four years ago, I started realizing the importance of converting to a more “green” lifestyle. We use Lunchskins for snack bags, I only use vinegar with essential oils and castile soap for cleaning, we use natural shampoos and conditioners and soaps for bathing and I purchase as much as I can secondhand. We also try to eat as much organic as possible and have big plans for our own garden this summer.


    I'm a crunchy California mom – living in CA really helps, as I can grow my own organic food year round & there are organic farmer's markets year round, as well. Lately, our family has learned how to wildcraft edible mushrooms ethically & safely – it's a fun way to get some exercise & appreciate mother nature. I'm also a rep for Miessence certified organics, educating others on the importance of living without harmful chemicals and unsustainable synthetic ingredients.

  • Lalamurphy

    I plan to make all my own baby food from scratch and feed my child fresh juices. For example, if I want them to have apple juice, i'll make a green juice + apple juice blend so they don't get use to things overly sweet. (plus I want them to get a lot of greens even at a young age!)

  • Stephanie Moram

    We use hemp diapers, and I make my own wipes with hemp cloths which after washing I alway air dry and fluff in the dryer for 5 minutes.I use an organic baby wearing wrap, have an organic nursing pillow, organic changing pad, organic baby clothing and second hand clothing, breastfeed my little one, organic baby bedding,keep chemicals out of the house (clean with vinegar and water only), don't use plastics for storing food (glass), eat a 100% organic/or local diet unless out and about and its not available, walk as much as I can, have a countertop filter for water, turn my lights off when not using them, unplug appliances when not using them as well, buy things that have the least amount of packaging and try to buy USA made as much as possible, and I only put things on my body that I would feel safe to eat and the list continues….:) Have a “GREEN” day everyone!

  • Stephanie Moram

    Posted link to my FB page!

  • http://www.jenniferowen.ca Jennifer Owen

    Tweeted and posted on my fb fan page JP Jenn Teaches Me About Health!

  • http://www.jenniferowen.ca Jennifer Owen

    I breast fed my two girls for no less than 48 months, I made all their baby food and continue to cook from scratch. My eldest is in school and I make all her “treats” from scratch so that she continues to have a taste for real foods. I clean with vinegar, phosphate free dish soap and oil of oregano: my foods, counter tops, bathrooms, etc. I buy and accept used clothing, toys and talk with my girls about buying plastic. We talk openly to our girls about Mother Nature and how we need to protect her by making going back to the basics and keeping things simple. Best of health to All!

  • Moneki1

    I tweeted and posted on facebook

  • brockey

    I use glass containers for our lunches and reusables snack bags for lunches

  • Crunchymamalife

    I just FB'd your giveaway and linked to it.

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    CONGRATULATIONS, JENNIFER!!!! You win!!!!! Email my your address and I'll forward it to Sprout Wellness for your prize. :) Thanks for participating.

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