January 10, 2011 (6:57 pm)

Introducing Solids to Babies… Not Yet For Kamea But Getting Ready

by Kristen Suzanne

Sorry for my lack of posts the past couple of weeks. Between Kamea, taking care of household duties, and maintaining my Kristen’s Raw blog… time sure does fly, eh? Kamea turned 6 months of age at the end of December 2010 – yowza! It’s so exciting to watch her grow and see her little personality coming out. It’s been a non-stop blast with her.

Traditionally, this is the time that many parents are excited to try giving their baby solids to eat. But, we haven’t followed that tradition. She’s about 6.5 months now and I don’t feel the need to introduce solids yet. I’ve read a number of sources that state a mom can breastfeed her baby exclusively for up to a year. While that is not my goal or intention, I do feel a strong pull in the direction to go beyond the conventional 6-month mark of exclusive breastfeeding.

There are a few markers that many parents look for before introducing solids:

1) Teeth – Kamea doesn’t have any teeth yet. However, some babies don’t start teething until close to a year old. This doesn’t mean you don’t introduce solids before that, but some people use it as one indicator (of a few) as to the readiness of baby to have solids.

2) Sitting up unassisted and having solid head control – Kamea started sitting unassisted just before she turned 6 months. She’s had solid head control for awhile.

3) Interest in foods – Many babies show their eagerness towards solids by reaching for mama’s food. Kamea hasn’t really done this. She definitely eyes us when we’re eating, but she doesn’t grab for it specifically. She pretty much grabs for everything within reach, so her reach for my smoothie cup doesn’t tell me she’s trying to reach for it to drink it.

4) Hunger – If a baby seems hungry beyond the normal feedings of breastmilk then it could be a sign of readiness for solids.

Most importantly though, I’m simply following my own mama intuition. I didn’t feel solids were necessary at the exact 6-month point, and I still don’t at her current age of 6 1/2 months. As many of you know, Kamea sees two different pediatricians (an allopathic doctor and a naturopathic doctor – read more about that here). Both doctors encourage feeding at 6 months. The allopath said that it helps with development. I wasn’t entirely sure if that was something to be concerned about so I’ve been researching it and here is something to consider from KellyMom.com

I’ve not been able to find any research data to support the idea that there is a limited window of opportunity for introducing solids in normally developing, healthy children. There does appear to be some limited evidence that babies who have been tube-fed long-term or have serious developmental delays may have problems learning to eat if they don’t get a chance to practice eating solids between 6 & 10 months. A small study involving case studies of several mentally retarded children was done back in 1964 (Illingworth RS, Lister J. The critical or sensitive period, with special reference to certain feeding problems in infants and children. J Pediatr 1964;65(6) part 1:839-48.). This study suggested that there may be a “critical and/or sensitive” period for introducing chewable textures to these children, and if solids are not introduced during this time, an important developmental milestone may be missed (possibly leading to rejection of solids later on). This study is theonly one I’ve found referenced with regard to the “limited window of opportunity” claims regarding the normal development of children.

I asked a speech & language pathologist I know about her experiences with this. She has worked with many young children who have feeding problems, including developmental delays and problems with chewing and oral texture aversion. She said that she could not think of any reason that delaying solids would cause feeding problems, and said that the the problems in the children she had worked with had generally started at birth or relatively soon after. None of these children had a feeding problem caused by a delayed start to solid foods.

Kamea’s naturopath is more flexible yet a little concerned with Kamea getting enough iron, but I’m not worried about that. Breastmilk’s iron is highly absorbable and anemia is uncommon in breastfed babies according to KellyMom.com.

That being said, I am thinking about it… for when the time is right. I have prepared by doing research into the foods we’ll be feeding her (I can’t wait to write a baby food book with raw and vegan recipes!). I also bought her an organic bib, a couple of baby wooden bowls and spoons (so cute!), and we dove into researching high chairs. Finding a chair for Kamea has been a back and forth process. I wanted a wooden chair to be eco friendly, but I kept hearing so many mixed reviews about the trendy ones on the market like the Tripp Trapp and Svan. Plus, this video freaked me out in spite of them now including “extenders” with the chairs – you’d think the chair should’ve been designed properly in the first place). The other wood chairs on the market just don’t have enough good reviews for me to make the purchase. I don’t really want to have one made because I’m concerned about safety issues. I started searching for a BPA-free plastic option even though I hate the idea of crappy plastic high chairs. As more days came and went, I just couldn’t decide what to do. My dilemma was I wanted wood to be a green mommy, but I didn’t like the options. The result? A friend of ours is giving us her plastic chair. It’s the ultimate in being green as far as reusing and not making a purchase whether wood or plastic. And, while I don’t like the idea of it being plastic, it seems the route to go, for now at least. If the tray isn’t BPA-free, then perhaps I can find a liner for it or something.

I think Kamea’s first food will be organic banana mashed with breastmilk. We’re taking it day by day although I suspect we’ll venture into solids territory somewhere between 7-9 months. Furthermore, our naturopath said to not introduce cereals or grains until at least 9 months of age because a baby lacks the proper enzymes to digest them properly before that. Whoa! Why don’t more people know that?! So often people start with cereals as the first food.

UPDATE (1/11/11): I just read in Shazzie’s book, Evie’s Kitchen (one of my faves for raising healthy kids!), “According to information in The Breastfeeding Answer Book by Nancy Mahrbacher and Julie Stock, delaying the introduction of food from six months to seven months increases nutrient absorption by 60% for life.”

What are your first baby solid stories and/or advice?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/SunChild23 Stephanie Nicol

    Good tips and ideas Kristen. I agree 100%. I started my first born with fruits- like banana oe pear, anything soft that can be mashed easily and non-acidic. I waited until she was ready- I felt that cereals were not a good option, I wanted her to have living food, enzymes, water rich, and it’s sweet so she loved it! I started her before 6 months because I (unfortunately) had to bottle feed her formula (long story), so I had a strong instinct that she needed more than formula, but was careful about what I was giving her. I also gave her plenty of young coconuts to drink from 3 months- I know that made a difference. She thrived and loved it. I introduced table foods from 10 months, plain, mostly raw, organic whole foods.

    I think for breastfeed babies there is certainly no need to rush into food, breast milk beats everything!

  • Kaz

    Hi Kristin

    I pretty much kept my sons off solid foods until they were about 12 months, based on the recommendations of Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. When they started, i found that mashed avo and banana combined was an excellent option and great for brain development. Both my sons are very intelligent, healthy, have no weight issues etc (despite the amount of time they spend in front of the computer!). And delaying the food thing till later meant far less mess etc. When they were eating solids, they had teeth, so I often gave them finger food they could easily manage rather than lots of sloppy stuff that needed a spoon. Before this I also used to give them a piece of peeled apple in a muslin cloth to suck on. I also did carrot juice in their sipper cups once they were not solely on breast milk. Continued to breast feed till one was 18 mths and other was 14 mths. You might want to watch the boutenko's Food Imprint dvd too …

  • heather

    One of mine didn't start solids until 9 months, and he's healthy as a horse. My others have started somewhere between 5 and 8, and they've all turned out fine. As for first food, we like avocados, then bananas, but you know your girl best!

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Wonderful info! Thank you for sharing :)

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Great! thanks! Avo sounds good, too. :)

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Mmmm coconut water. Sounds yum for a lil wee one ;)

    Thanks for sharing. I appreciate the input and ideas.

  • Jensanders

    Great post. It's nice to see a mom who isn't rushing to give her child solids. I'm not sure if I posted here or somewhere else a while back, but my son didn't start eating solids until he was 10 months when he got his first teeth. I tried to feed him starting at 6 months, but he would have nothing to do with it (he would gag and spit it out). Against my pediatrician's suggestion, I did not feed him any cereal because we try to stay away from boxed, processed foods in our home. My son skipped pureed food altogether and started with soft small chunks of table food. Since I didn't want to give him cereal, and he was exclusively breastfed, my ped was a little concerned about iron (as you mentioned). He had the iron test in her office and the results were stellar. His iron level was very high despite only breastmilk! I applaud that you are taking a more unconventional approach and doing what you believe is right for Kamea. Good luck as you navigate!

  • http://www.loveveggiesandyoga.com Averie

    Omg i have those wooden bowls and spoons from Nova Naturals!!!!! Great minds think alike, I bought mine 4+ yrs ago when skylar was getting to that age.

    I cant believe she's 6 mos…it feels like i was just reading your birth story…yesterday.

    “Furthermore, our naturopath said to not introduce cereals or grains until at least 9 months of age because a baby lacks the proper enzymes to digest them properly before that.”–Good advice.
    I never fed rice cereal, grains, etc or anything like that. We did mashed veggies, squash, sweet taters, mashed cauli, mashed fruit…and just spin some apples or pears or bananas in your vita and voila,you have baby food :)

    Some people also go with baby led weaning. Google that. It's a whole mentality and approach. The name isnt the best but the approach is interesting.

    Gotta run hon :)

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Ooh. Love your story! Thank you. Heck, we just might go 10 months :)

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Kindred spirits we are indeed.

    I love the idea of making my own baby food. How awesome is that?!

  • http://ashleysgreenlife.blogspot.com/ Ashley

    As always, thanks for the great info Kristen! As a pregnant mama preparing for the birth of my baby girl, I also plan on breastfeeding as long as possible too. Sometimes I see other people introducting solids to their babies at 4-5 months and I'm like, “Isn't it too early for that?” Love your fact about no cereals or grains until atl east 9 months, wish more people knew about that one! Also liked your discussion about high chairs. As a fellow “greenie” I get dizzy shopping and researching all the high chairs out there to find the greenest one, so I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one a bit confused by those. Hope the one you get from your friend works great for you! That might be a good opition for me to explore when the time is right for me. ( :

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Hi, Ashley!

    Thanks for chiming in. It makes me feel good knowing my posts, and the discussion that follows in the comments, help others out there.



  • Elainie

    I started my last 3 on solids (I have 5 so it varied) from between 13- 15 months old. I fed them avos as first food , then celery sticks to teeth on as well as peeled and seeded cucumbers to teethe on. They were mostly interested in gnawing on raw veggies. I held off on sweet fruit, I also gave them some green juice and young coconut. Never did introduce grains to them (that their father/my ex husband did as I'm not an adovocate of any grain consumption). With my first two (twin girls) I started them off at 7.5 months and at that time I wasn't into raw foods and made the mistake of cooking up some carrots and making a puree of them. Huge mistake. My twins were in agony (constipation) for days.
    With the next 3 I came across Kelly mom site by way of an RV friend and I followed that. They had no digestive disturbances and holding off (for example my now 15 year old was not at all interested in solids until 15 months) did not in any way affect them and they were obviously thriving on just breastmilk alone (big babies). I think people in the medical community (and this includes the alternative medical community too) are just used to solids being introduced somewhere in the early part of second half of first year. I find following baby's intuition best, they know when they need solids and yes they do grad for everything anyhows.

  • Elainie

    Forgot to say- their interest in solids did coincide with their first teeth (they got first tooth in ranging from 12-15 months- the latter one being my son) so it really may have to do with digestive maturity/enzyme production as some authors have suggested. She will let you know when she's ready. It amazes me how people put boxed cereal in infant formula when babies are just a few weeks/months old. Who on earth is giving them this advice?

  • Elainie

    Wow- thanks for that link! I have always just used one of those old fashioned wooden high chairs and thought I'd get one of the *newer* one's for my new babe. Now what do I do? I won't use plastics either. Going to research this now. I also love the wooden bowls/spoons. Used those too with my last babes.

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Thanks for sharing. It's so helpful. Maybe we will wait even longer. :) I'll see what she wants.

  • Vegmom

    I found that I was super glad to NOT have a high chair. I was told that it was the worse investment and least used baby product via another mom. So I took her advice, as it kind of made sense…. We got one of the little seats that set on top of our kitchen chairs and that worked for us.

    Even better, he learned to sit with us at the table, and was much happier because he was at our level at the table. As he grew, it just kind of became a booster seat. We actually got a few years out of it. And was also very portable when traveling to family.

    I'm not sure how Eco-friendly they are, but just wanted to throw out another option vs. Highchair.

    Also, the ones that attach to the table so you can use when you take them out or when traveling seem to be very multi-functional also. But we didn't have one of those.

    As for baby food…. Yay for home made baby food. Since you are waiting to feed solids, you'll notice that you won't have to do so much of the really blended stuff for so long like many modern books say, (because many are for 4 months… Sigh). She'll probably be just as happy with mashed, or tiny bits of whatever your eating before long . And smoothies, yum… Sooo wish I knew what I know now, when mine was a baby… Our first food was cereal (as I didn't know better). But that didn't go well. So I quickly followed my intuition, and switched to banana and b-milk.. I also stocked pre-made sweet potatoes, apples and carrots In my freezer. Peas and avocado also didn't go so well.. But each little one will have very different tastes…

    I'd make the ice cube sizes and put in containers, enough per feeding. I could take them on outings and they would thaw in time for him to eat. Of course as his choppers started working, we just carried fresh instead of mush.

    One thing I learned with my picky eater, was to not make too much of something in batches, because if he didn't like it, not so much wasted. And something he may have liked one week, he wasn't interested in the next as he went on to new tastes.

    Best wishes on this wonderful fun journey…

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Your comment is a treasure chest full of gems. Thx! I have considered the plastic booster chair because it's smaller, portable, and puts her at the table. It's still an option in spite of it's plastic-ness.

  • Vegmom

    As with everything else you'll figure out what your baby likes… Mine would be a wiggle worm if placed in a high chair, but could sit for over an hour at the table totally content in his chair at the table with us. Yours could very well love the high chair.

    When mealtime is no longer your own, a happy baby makes for a happy Mama. :-)

    But, definite plastic bummer either way.

  • Michelle

    Finally someone who feels the way I do about introducing solids. I really don't understand the rush to be honest, the younger they start the more you have to worry about IMO. Breast milk really is all they need. I thought you might be interested in Baby Lead Weaning as you are delaying solids/truly following Kamea's lead. There is a book by Gill Rapley or you can google the term but I do recommend the book first so you can understand the philosophy behind it before hearing people's (or the “internet”'s) opinions.

    Can't wait to hear about your baby vegan cookbook. Oh and as for that video about the highchair, that is due to the parent's stupidity. The child is blatantly sitting too high up in the chair as it can push off from the table with her feet, this would happen in any chair.

  • Rachel

    People start with cereal at the first food, because that's what the pediatrician tells them too. I know so many mamas that don't do their own research and only go by what one pediatrician tells them to.

    I love starting with mashed avocado.

    And so far both my children have loved it for a first food. I did a lot of research and I really like the wholesomebabyfood.com website for food ideas. With my current baby he's nearly 9 months old and doesn't have teeth, but he will steal food off my plate and try to eat it if I'm not quick enough. He also has many other indicators that he's ready to try food. (at least the pureed kind). Another thing to look for is if they are still thrusting their tongue forward when you try to put something in their mouth. I've learned the hard way that it just makes for messy feedings.

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne


    Re: the chair… It's enough of a problem that they now include extenders.

  • Ralu

    Great post! I can't wait to read more on this topic, even if my son is older than Kamea!

    As for the chair, maybe you could find someone to make you one of this http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=… form organic cloth?

  • Deb

    …I loved it when my babes were ready for solids! loved the ease of nursing, but also enjoy preparing foods…I made all of our baby food, never anything from a jar. We also used the little seats with a tray that connect to a bigger chair and that worked well for us. My kids started around 6 months, when sitting well and interested in watching others eat and demonstrating curiosity about food. With my twins I cooked all sorts of healthy foods, blended them, froze them in ice-cube trays and then kept the cubes in the freezer until needed. We weren’t vegetarian then, so that included some organic meat. Our youngest has been vegetarian from the start. Staples that they all loved have been: mashed banana, sweet potato, apple…..let’s see, I have to think back….they also loved lentils…carrots…and green peas and such…often I just blended up frozen veggies too! I did find that what I did earlier has stuck, for the most part. My older boys still have a taste for meat, my youngest doesn’t. They all love green smoothies :)

  • http://gingeristhenewpink.blogspot.com/ Lauren519

    Very good post. I am so glad I read this. I think I'll cry when Audriana gets solids..lol. I love exclusively breastfeeding, I see myself putting off solids as well. I heard that about grains as well. Avocados and bananas seem like good first foods.

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    I know, right?! I love the ease and simplicity of breastfeeding.

  • http://twitter.com/BonzaiAphrodite Sayward Rebhal

    Waits is 10 months old now and just starting to get into solids. I was enthusiastic and began offering them as soon as he started pincer-grasping things at around 6 months (he’d been sitting unassisted for quite some time and had excellent head control). However, he was totally disinterested in eating anything and seemed to dislike all the flavors we tried (avocado, sweet potato, banana he would tolerate). Then he got ill on avocado, projectile vomiting. The first time I thought it was a fluke but it happened again – okay, an avo intolerance. Sucks for a vegan baby! I was really counting on those healthy fatty green beasts, dang!

    I kept trying but unless the food was pureed perfectly smooth, he would choke on it. Like for reals gagging not breathing I had to whack him on the back *choking*. OKAY! That was enough for this mama, no more solids. Way too scary and obviously he was not ready. We held off for a few months and just started up again after the new year.

    My goal now is for him to get 3 ‘meals’ a day which just means 3 tastes at least. He eats breakfast every morning and enjoys it – I make homemade coconut milk yogurt so it’s got probiotics, tons of healthy fats, and all the good goodness of coconuts (such goodness!). I use organic full-fat canned coconut milk and the ‘cream’ rises to the top of the yogurt – that’s what he gets. He loves it. I also take a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses myself each day for iron, and he licks the spoon clean. His iron stores were great at his ped check-up! I do some veggie mashes and I’m just starting to do organic sprouted-and-then-cooked legumes like lentils and chickpeas. I mash them with a veggie or coconut milk for flavor.

    He still gags, he has 6 teeth but hasn’t figured out chewing. But he seems to enjoy food now and I hope that more experience with purees will get him used to swallowing and he’ll naturally progress past this gagging issue. Yeesh.

    I guess my point is, every kid is different and mommy knows best! No worries if you feel like holding off. Kamea is healthy and happy. You gotta do what works for your family!

    Also, that wooden bowl is so cute I want it!! =D

  • Leigh Anne DuChene

    Below are some links great baby-led feeding information that is from my upcoming book, “Nourishing Origins Holistic Baby-Led Feeding”! :o ) Wishing you all the best!
    <3 Leigh Anne DuChene, BS, Nutritionist


  • Sara

    Hi Kristen:
    I started my baby at 6months, my awesome doctor recomended that and she did really well, I just vitamixed everything. she actually seemed ready earlier (like at 5 months) but that just seemed wrong. my docotr indicated that she had patients who waited longer and then had children refuse solids because they didn't like the textures. second hand info but I have a lot of faith in her. I am really curious to see how you feed Kamea. since my monkey is allergic to nuts and tomatoes (anaphalactic) we have a very limited diet which really requires cooked food. I did cereals very early. I soaked and then cooked quinoa, millet etc with kombu for 1.5 hours then vitamixed. it worked really well for us.

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    I just read in Shazzie’s book, Evie’s Kitchen (one of my faves for raising healthy kids!) and she writes, ” According to information in The Breastfeeding Answer Book by Nancy Mahrbacher and Julie Stock, delaying the introduction of food from six months to seven months increases nutrient absorption by 60% for life.”

  • maike

    Hi Kristen,
    my son started to eat solid foods when he was 8 months and daughter when she was 12 months. No rush. Big success was avocado and than avocado with cucumber or avocado with steamed broccoli. They loved also very ripe peaches. Without skin they ate/sucked it by themselves. Big mess – happy child. :)
    My both kids have this chair Hauck 662984 Hochstuhl Alpha natur http://www.amazon.de/dp/B000K7
    It is very good chair because it grows with the child. :)
    Best wishes

  • The Picky Foodie

    Hi Kristen!

    Great post.

    Vida is about a month older than Kamea and we have been dabbling with solids for about a month now. Vida has two little teeth but even before they popped out, she was loving trying new foods & gumming at them. Hilariously, banana is probably the one she likes the least. She loves cucumbers and oranges (though we limit those due to acidity), apples, pears, plums, broccoli. I blended a little of a lentil soup we had, which she loved as well.
    This week I tried a Shazzie recipe for the first tine: blended raspberries, tahini and mesquite. It was a blast to watch Vida and it made her smile. Another hit was blended chia, pear & blue green algae (a tiny tiny amount). I had a really inspiring conversation with Kate Magic by the way – she's a buddy of Shazzie's & a Raw Mom of 3 boys.

    Apparently children love sea vegetables – even babies.

    Having said all of that, while we wanted to start slow, Vida now expects food when we're eating and looks very indignant when there is none! And she's still on breastmilk though of course less (talk about mixed feelings).

    After much trepidation, researching & asking for recommendations, we got the Stokke Trip Trapp. She had been in a seat that was literally on the table but had outgrown that. I have to say, Vida just loves being part of the meal, sitting with us & at the table. It's a real joy.

    As I'm sure you've noticed, we can make all the plans we want and do all the due diligence in the world – these amazing beings have opinions about what they like as well!

    Vida is just loving trying new foods just like she's enjoyed meeting new people and seeing new places.

    Lastly, we're doing a mixture of BLW and some pureeing – it's been amazing to watch her learn and grab and put things in her mouth. Messy? Defo. But totally worth it.

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Great feedback – thanks for sharing your experience. They certainly do

    have their own personalities – you're doing an awesome job!

  • http://bittsblog.blogspot.com bitt

    Most people just feed their babies whatever unless there are strong warnings about it. I get it about the cereals but it doesn't seem right to feed babies dairy either at such an early age but plenty of people do that too.

    I remember Sheri (from Green and Crunchy) saying her last baby didn't want to eat solids for awhile. She eventually did. She probably wasn't too stressed because it was baby #5!

    Love the wooden spoon and bowl!

  • http://bittsblog.blogspot.com bitt

    Another thought: Have you had any pressure to quite breast feeding? There seems to be a LOT in my family. It's been hard on my sister to hear that instead of getting support.

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Great story – well not great about gagging but you know what I mean. ;) it's informative and helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    I wish Sheri still blogged. :(

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    No but my family n friends know better. ;)

  • Maida

    What perfect timing, Kristen. My baby is 4 months old and I was toying with the idea of starting solids since some of my friends started around this age with their babies who are about one month older. I think I also started around this age with my first, but that's sort of a blur. lol

    I have given Amanda some mashed banana and breastmilk (this morning, actually) and she loved it. She's already cutting one tooth and was chomping on her fist in between bites. When she saw the spoon coming her way, she took the fist out and opened wide– I think that means she enjoyed them, either that or she liked chewing on the spoon. After reading this, I think I will wait until closer to 6 months before introducing more foods and before giving them to her every day.

    I love your blogs and can't wait for you to post some baby food recipes. I plan to make all of my own baby food this time around.

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    That's so cute…. I love that she was excited and loving it. :)

  • Hannah

    What an exciting time for baby Kamea! Love that wooden bowl and spoon! My son will be 7 months next week. He has eight teeth….yes eight. I began introducing solids last month because he was showing an interest in what we were eating, but little E really wanted nothing to do with his own food. I have always been the type of mommy that takes my baby's cues. So, for now, we have gone back to exclusive breastfeeding even if it means every 1-3 hours. I think he gets hungrier because he is crawling, climbing, and walking along furniture these days. I am sure all of these adventures are making him hungrier. Love that you are going with your intuition. Mommies usually know best. :)

  • Natalia

    Another great post, thank you! Perfect timing as well:) My son just turned 6 months and I've decided to wait a little to introduce solids, maybe 7 months (only breast milk until now). I'll also skip the cereal and start w/ bananas and then sweet potatoes, but I need to do some research on that. My ped. said we could (should?) start at 4 months (!), but she doesn't push it. Please keep us posted on that, I'm very interested on Kamea's experience with solid foods:))

  • Sara

    I'm in nursing school right now, and I remember in my nutrition class the teacher emphasizing that it's important to introduce vegetables before fruits because if the baby becomes accustomed to the sweetness of fruits first, he/she will often turn down vegetables when offered them later. Just something to look into before you decide the first food to give to Kamea. :)

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Thanks for chiming in. I've heard mixed things about that. Some say it's not true.

  • Bonnie

    I read the same thing about fruits — I read alot about everything and honestly my daughter (who will be a year old next month) and is still nursing will eat fruits and veggies alike. I started with bananas and breastmilk, then avocados and breastmilk. I wouldn't worry about the sweetness…afterall breastmilk is sweet. :)

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    exactly :)

  • Triinu Lacaille

    Just saw your post – I started baby-led weaning at 6 month and now have a toddler who eats almost everything – she loves raw vegetables, sprouts and seaweed among other things. Compared to the friends baby's who have been puree fed, she's way ahead – they eat only veggies if boiled or mixed into food. I did very little mashed food, they can chew even without having teeth, and no choking at all – if it goes down wrong way she brings it up nicely =). The best part is I never have to prepare special food (like my friends are still doing) for my child – she eats what we eat! I'm 19 weeks with nr 2 and will do baby-led weaning again.

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    I've read that about not pureeing food but it still freaks me out. Lol.

  • emily

    this site has a couple of highchairs: http://www.danishbydesign.com.au
    My husband and I were going to buy one of the handysit chairs for our daughter, but before we bought it a family member gifted us with a high chair, so we used that instead (it similar design but plastic instead) it just attaches to a regular dining chair and it's very portable and takes up less space than a normal stand alone highchair. I highly recommend this style of highchair as it lasts little ones well into early childhood (also serves as a dinner time booster seat for young children)
    I just realised that the site I gave you is Australian, but if you click on stockists there is an online retailer section.

  • Tia Hamilton

    Great article. I am expecting my first and have found your blog a great resource! Do vegan babies need any liquid supplements during the first few months? Wondering if Vit D, DHA, B12 and Iron are transferred to breastmilk in sufficient quantities for babies or if a liquid supplement is necessary…

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    I am not supplementing because my diet is plentiful with those (I supplement all) and she is getting them through me.

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  • Sariah

    The best place to buy your organic Baby Foods is going to be the Green PolkaDot Box. I just bought a trust membership there in preperation for their launch this summer. The CHEAPEST organic foods and baby foods you will find. I’m obsessed. Check it out 


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