August 29, 2010 (9:26 am)

Kamea’s 2 Month Doctor Visit Update

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by Kristen Suzanne

Kamea had her two month doctor visit this week and my little baby is thriving! She is in the 75th percentile for her weight and 90th percentile for her length. She’s just perfect!

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August 24, 2010 (7:00 pm)

My Postpartum Must Haves

by Kristen Suzanne

I wanted to share some of my postpartum must haves. These are things I use all the time these days. This list isn’t all inclusive… for example, I’m not listing diapers, stroller, car seat, and stuff like that. This list is simply to highlight a few things that I find very helpful as a new mommy.

Organic cloth prefolds | Organic cloth wipes | *Organic blankets | Breastfeeding pillow | Baby Bottom Balm | Cloth wipe warmer | Rocker swing | Salt lamp | Foot Stool

*The brand I love is Pixel Organics. I bought mine on Amazon, but I don’t see them there now. I also love this one though (I have the veggie one)

By the way, if you’re interested in the Orbit Bassinet I talk about in the video, here it is.

UPDATE: From one of the comments below… here is another rocker option, eco friendly. (I haven’t tried it.) Thanks, Katie!

What are your postpartum must haves?

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August 21, 2010 (2:15 pm)

Mama Bear Rules For Visiting Kamea

by Kristen Suzanne

A lot of you asked me to share my Mama Bear Rules that I mentioned in this post. I sent this via email to family and friends who wanted to visit Kamea.


Hello Family and Friends,

I know you are all eager to meet Kamea and we hope to do that really soon. I’m still not sure when we’ll start setting up times for visits. Breastfeeding on demand and my need for rest (I only get a few hours a night) are my priorities right now. We’re also taking extra precautions due to the whooping cough outbreak until Kamea is six months old. I hope you all understand. :)

I have some Mama Bear Rules that I’d appreciate if everyone who visits kept in mind:

1) please take your shoes off (shoes bring in outdoor pollutants)

2) please wash your hands with soap – thoroughly – upon arriving

3) no guarantees on being able to hold her… even though she’s really cute! (If she’s nursing or fussy etc, in fact, I’m still learning how to nurse discreetly… be forewarned)

4) please keep visits short

5) no children (for now)

6) If you are sick, even just a little, or have been around anybody with the sniffles, please reschedule. Better safe than sorry. (Whooping cough can present very mildly in adults because they have stronger immune systems.)

7) If you’ve recently traveled, please wait at least a week. Longer if it was California (due to pertussis outbreak).

8) Adults/teens who are still in school, let’s try to arrange visits before school starts. Otherwise we should postpone until Kamea is out of the vulnerability window (6 months) Note to readers of this post… that smiley dude with the glasses is supposed to be an “8″ as in this is rule number 8, but it’s coming through as a smiley dude with glasses)

9) please keep visits to two people (max) at a time

Thank you in advance for understanding. As you know, we live an alternative lifestyle to a degree and I don’t want you surprised (or hurt) if we turn down invitations to various events for a while. We’re not germ-o-phobes, but we’re ftaking a few extra precautions.


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August 17, 2010 (3:17 am)

Pregnancy & New Baby Hindsight: 5 Important Things

by Kristen Suzanne

For all of you lovely pregnant moms out there… here are few things I was thinking about today as I reflect on my pregnancy and the past 7 weeks with Kamea. Here are things I will do better next time around when I get pregnant and have baby #2.

1) Get as much rest as possible while pregnant. If there is such a thing… the hope is trying to store up on sleep for when baby arrives. I wish I had rested more during the last trimester, because those first 4 weeks postpartum are truly the hardest. They were for me because of breastfeeding on demand without a bottle. Sleep deprivation is a stinker and compounds everything – especially hormones! And, of course… once baby is here… sleep when baby sleeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) Get as many projects done while you can, while pregnant, so you don’t have to worry about them when baby arrives. I had the hopes of getting a number of work projects done but it didn’t happen. I wish I’d been a bit more diligent in getting them done now that I think about it.

3) Don’t go crazy buying stuff and perhaps consider waiting until baby arrives to make some purchases. Then, you can see what you really think you need and don’t need. I bought a lot of stuff and found that some of it I’m not even using! Talk about spending a lot of money. Hopefully I’ll get some use out of the stuff with baby #2? And, babaies grow so fast so it’s not necessary to buy a lot of clothes. At least that is how it is for me… since we stay home, I just rotate a handful of outfits (I sometimes change Kamea 2-3 times a day because of spit up, but sometimes she goes the whole day in one outfit). Since I do laundry every couple of days, I now realize that I bought too many organic baby clothes and I could’ve saved the money for other things. But, at least I know that if we have another baby, the clothes will get use from them at that time. And… I can give them away to another family, too. Oh, and another thing… Buying online from Amazon is so simple and a real time saver for all kinds of things baby and house related (especially if you have Amazon PRIME!!!). That’s made life easier.

And, two other small things (there are actually a lot of things I could write about, but I thought a handful would be enough for now… Read More »

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August 13, 2010 (4:52 pm)

Organic Dolly and Play Mat For Kamea, Story Time, and Kamea at 6 1/2 Weeks

by Kristen Suzanne

It’s been a busy week. We’ve had a handful of people stop by to visit Kamea. Thankfully they weren’t offended by the “Mama Bear Rules” I emailed them prior to their visit. I can’t be too careful – lol.

Here’s a picture of Kamea from yesterday at 6 1/2 weeks. She’s growing so fast! I just cannot get enough of her. I want to hug her, kiss her, and play with her all day!

I’m reading to her everyday and we love our story time together. Today, we read, Hubert The Pudge (A Vegetarian Tale). This story was recommended to me in the comments section from my last post. I’m also showing her flash cards from Your Baby Can Read. I don’t know how the whole system will be, but it can’t hurt to show her flash cards while her little brain is soaking up new words every day.

I was delighted when I received the cutest gift in the mail from Lauren (here’s her blog). She sent Kamea an organic dolly (pictured right). How cute is that!?

I’m all about getting as many toys / clothes / baby items as organic when possible. Like this organic baby play mat for example (pictured left)… I bought one of these and I’m glad because when it’s tummy time, I’ve see her licking it. Glad it’s organic if she’s licking it! haha

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August 7, 2010 (10:08 pm)

Language Development (and Fun!): Reading To Baby Kamea

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by Kristen Suzanne

Research says that one of the best ways to encourage the growth of language skills is to read to your baby… from birth. It’s never too early. Apparently, this encourages language development. According to the book Baby Read-Aloud Basics, “… by age four, children who are read to are exposed to 32 million more words than children who haven’t been read books.” I don’t know how often you need to read to your baby to attain that, but anything is better than nothing and variety is important. To get started, here a couple of books I bought to start with Kamea (Herb The Vegetarian Dragon and That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals). Next up? The Twilight Series. I hope she’s Team Edward. ;)

What are your favorite books to read to your children?

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