July 26, 2010 (2:30 am)

Breastfeeding Pillow Wars

by Kristen Suzanne

As a green mommy, I like to get as many things as possible organic (and/or sustainably made) for my family… especially my baby. When I was researching breastfeeding pillows, I came upon this groovy pillow which looked great. It’s filled with organic buckwheat hulls (this helps keep baby cool and not over heat I’ve heard) and organic fabrics. Sweet! So, I ordered one before Kamea was born. My husband took an immediate liking to it for sleeping, so I ordered another (this time for Kamea!).

However, I wasn’t sure how much I loved it after using it for a week or so. The issue was that because I was a first time breastfeeding mommy, I was still learning the ropes to breastfeeding. Basically what would happen is… Kamea would latch on and I’d be so grateful that I didn’t take time to get comfortable myself. Hence, neck and back aches and major uncomfortableness while breastfeeding. I also wasn’t great at positioning her on the pillow.. it’s very pliable as you can imagine since it’s filled with buckwheat.

As a tired and anxious new mom, I was (and still am) quite willing to buy whatever I can to make life easier right now (you have something to make my baby more comfy or to make my life easier – I’M SOLD!). Therefore, I started researching other breastfeeding pillow options. I decided to check out the Breast Friend pillow, which I’d heard many great things about. I bought one – of course. After it arrived I put it on and felt downright silly wearing it – lol. It’s like a tu-tu. I still laugh when I put it on. I was also disheartened that it’s not organic and far from sustainable from what I can tell… which I pretty much knew going in. Still, I wanted to try it. After getting used to the Blessed Nest pillow above, the Breast Friend was very stiff. I pretty much had to hold on to Kamea while she was on it because I feared she’d roll off. On the Blessed Nest pillow, she settles right in. However, I did notice that the first few times I used the Breast Friend, it was indeed quite nice on my back. I was excited to experience that. But, as with many things… trade one issue for another. Give up organic, quality manufacturing, and softness for Kamea versus relax my back.

I used the Breast Friend a few times until she had a big spit up and I needed to wash the cover. This looked to be challenging because it’s on there pretty tight. I got it off, washed it, and actually put it on with only a little difficulty (I expected it to be much harder). I have to say though… seeing the material underneath… what is that… foam rubber (eek!)? Anyway, what I found over the following week was that I was getting more comfortable with nursing and as a result, I was getting myself situated first, then grabbing the Blessed Nest pillow, and then getting Kamea settled. The result? I’m happy to report that I’m using the Blessed Nest breastfeeding pillow like a champ and I’m very happy with it. It’s more expensive than the Breast Friend, but it’s SO much nicer… and after we’re done using it for breastfeeding, it makes an awesome pillow for household use.

I also bought their nest egg pillow to keep in the diaper bag for breastfeeding when we’re not at home (I can’t wait to tell you about our extra cool diaper bag in another post!). This little pillow seems like a great idea, but since we’re still homebound I haven’t tried it yet (the only times I take Kamea out are for doctor appointments – it’s super hot in Arizona right now, and I’m just not ready for that. Kamea breastfeeds on demand, and let me just say… she demands it a LOT!). According to the website, “The little extra something to use with your Nesting Pillow or on its own, The Nest Egg gives support for your head, arm, breast, or for a little extra height under baby’s head. It’s small and lightweight enough to take along take along in the stroller or diaper bag, and just the right size for a toddler pillow.” Isn’t it cute?!

Share with us your breast feeding stories, tips, and tricks!

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  • http://www.blessednestperch.com Donna~B lessed Nest

    Thank you for such an honest, descriptive look at our Nesting Pillow! We appreciate true feedback more then you can imagine! Thank you for nurturing and advising us! So glad we won..squee…

  • Rawtwitchn

    My mother in law got me the Breast Friend pillow when I was in the hospital trying to breast feed for the first time and it helped me out so much :)

  • Deb

    Hi Kristen! Wow! the Blessed Nest looks like a Blessing indeed!…I used and found helpful the Breast Friend Pillow, but certainly would have invested in the Nest had I known about it!…It looks like it can be used longer than the Breast Friend (which I used mainly first 3-4 months with my youngest son…though with my twins I had the double pillow and used that longer) and does look so cozy comfy too…I like the fact that it can be used as a pillow later and that it is filled with the organic buckwheat hulls….you are going to help so many new moms with the wisdoms you are learning :) Deb

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Glad you saw. I was going to email you my review.

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Thanks! Glad you liked the review!

  • TheBardfields

    I can definitely vouch that this is an incredible nursing pillow. I have breastfed three kids and hated my previous pillows. This one is so green, and fabulous at the same time. My husband has already laid claim to it when our little Emmersen is done with it :) For anyone who is on the fence about whether to get one, do it. You won't regret it and your baby will definitely benefit from the lack of yucky chemicals :)

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/36MP2GYKQ5BNR3QBZHMR6BNHQU Elizabeth Donaghy

    I used the Boppy for all 5 children, am nursing Aidan right now on it while I type, he is 22 months old. See if they have an organic one. I wouldn't use anything else, nothing else worked for me.
    Peac and Happy Nursing,

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Thanks for chiming in. :)

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    I think the boppy has an organic cover available.

  • Nicole

    BOBBY!! I loved the boppy!! With the twins I had to use the double blessing pillow but when I would nurse them each on their own I would reach for the boppy. Plus, as they grow you can use it to prop them up and do tummy time.

  • http://gingeristhenewpink.blogspot.com/ Lauren519

    I added the Bobby to my registry with an organic slip cover.. I figured it was better then not organic at all! :) Thanks for the reviews, I go right to my registry after reading your posts to update! ;)

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne


  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    It has a lot of fans :)

  • http://thevegantiffin.blogspot.com The Vegan Tiffin

    Interesting info! Thanks for sharing – I am going to have so many good things to order once we get rollin' with a baby!

  • http://www.runrettarun.wordpress.com Runrettarun

    I got a Boppy pillow as a gift and had heard it was a great thing to have for breastfeeding. However, I don't know if it's b/c I am a short person w/ a short torso but I felt like it got Baby Boy too far up. I tried different holds to see what was most comfy (he was SUPER tiny b/c he was a preemie) and the best thing for us was nursing while laying on my side (and his side facing me) w/ blankets rolled up behind his back. That way I got sleep as well. :) Also, regular pillows worked better for me when I sat up to nurse.

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Good points!

  • TatersMama

    I'll have to look into the Blessed Nest for my next one. I'll have to say that the Honeysuckle pillow (which came recommended by a lactation consultant) was my life saver (http://www.milksmile.com/product_info.php/cPath…). It's firm, but small enough so that I didn't feel engulfed by the pillow. I could never get the correct positioning with the floppy boppy and I just couldn't see myself strapped into the Breastfriend.

  • Sara

    I was laughing as I read this post…I've totally been there with the nursing swag!!! We nearly bought a $1,600 recliner. I was having so much trouble at the beginning, I just wanted to be comfortable and for my nipples to stop hurting! “Priceless” as the credit card commercials say. Now, at 3 1/2 months, I can nurse my little guy anywhere, provided I've planned appropriately. With the right shirt and bra I can nurse him in the Ergo in the middle of Target, with no one the wiser! Even at home, we no longer rely on pillows and props. So keep up your good work. In another month or two, it's going to be completely natural for you both :)
    P.S. I hope someone showed you how to nurse side lying? That's the easiest and the best!

  • Sara

    I’m curious…any news on the EC front?

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Side lying is the best way for me to get sleep! So glad my midwife
    showed me after Kamea was born. LOL on the recliner!

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    And! I'd love to learn how to nurse in an Ergo. Is there a recommended age to start that?

  • Sara

    For us, it was more about baby's size and head/neck control. I was first able to do it maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago. Baby has to be seated in the Ergo (so no infant insert–15 lbs is a good guideline). Then you loosen the belt and straps so it settles down closer to your hips. Get your boob out of your clothing (Boob brand shirts work well for this, as does any low-necked shirt), get baby latched on, and then raise the hood for privacy. The latching on is the only fumbly part, and obviously, it helps if baby has enough head/neck control to help you with that. Sometimes I have to place one hand to help support my boob for him while I'm walking around so it doesn't get jiggled out of his mouth, poor guy!

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Lol haven't tried. I think it'll be better for us to try in a few
    weeks maybe. I'm not in a rush. ;)

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Oh cool! Thanks for the tips. Much appreciated. I wondered when she
    would be able to go without the insert so thx for that info.

  • Mb

    Thank you so much for this post and your review! I just recently discovered your blog and already have found so much useful information here. Just last week I was doing my research on My Brest Friend and what I found made me pretty much 100% sure that I was NOT going to be buying one for the baby on the way. That rubber foam you speak of- please read about it here…so bad..


    With baby #1 I used Boppy (it was ok), with #2 I used a pillow given to me as a gift, and of which I cannot remember the name (was very comfy but not made with natural materials). With this baby on the way I set out on a quest to find the bestest ever nursing pillow because I already know that for me it is one of the most used and loved baby items. I looked at the Blessed Nest and thought it had a very high price point if comparing to other pillows. If simply considering how often and for how long Id use it for- the price was totally reasonable to me. But I just really really wanted to read a review on it such as yours! So again-thank you! I will be buying my Blessed Nest!

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Great! I'm glad the review helped. My little Kamea is nursing on it
    right now. :)

  • Pure Mothers

    Hi there! Just found you after you left a comment on my blog re: Brest Friend Nursing Pillow. I am pregnant with #2 and will get the Blessed Nest next time. Looks great! I wonder if they ship to London?

    And, I can't believe I didn't find your website before! I LOVE It! Can't wait to spend some time reading when my son is napping.

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Hi! I'm loving your site, too! I have it still open so I can go back
    and read it all :)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Mb

    I do have one question for you-is the surface of this pillow extra soft? And what I mean by that is, is it easy for the baby to sink into it, or does it support the baby well? I just dont want to feel like its too squishy and very easy for baby to sort of sink into it with their face..

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    It has some sinking but my baby is never on her tummy on it and she's
    never alone on it so it's not a problem.

  • Michelle

    I have heard that a well constructed nursing stool is really best thing to use for correcting upright positioning as apposed to the actual type of cushion you use. I love to hear your experience if you've used one.

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