July 6, 2010 (1:44 am)

Breastfeeding Mission – Basically Accomplished!

by Kristen Suzanne

On July 4, I decided to go back to solo breastfeeding (i.e., no pumping) and having more confidence in both my body and Kamea. The first few days of having Kamea in our lives, I did some pumping and that was indeed helpful because, as I wrote in the last post… it gave my ta tas a rest from being sore, family members were able to bond and feed her, I was able to catch up on some much needed sleep, and it encouraged my milk supply. But, I decided to stop the pumping because I want my breasts to make enough milk for Kamea, based on her natural feedings, and I want to get back to that closeness I have while breastfeeding her.

So… how are we doing? We’re doing just great! The goal is 8-12 feedings a day which we have accomplished and 6 or more wet diapers a day, which we’re on track for doing as well. I’m so happy about it. We’re getting the hang of things as I get more practice every day of being a mom and Kamea gets stronger. I’ve even ventured into babywearing a bit. I am trying out my Gypsy Mama wrap by putting Kamea into it a few minutes at a time. I’m certainly no expert, but each time it seems to get a little bit better and easier.

Well, I’m off to nap while my sweet darling sleeps. Catching my zzzz’s when I can. :)

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  • http://girlonraw.com/ GirlonRaw

    I know who is going to not only be my raw mentor and buddy, but also my birthing mentor when the day arrives for me :) Love you and I love Kamea too. Oh wowee, she is just the cutest little thing. Love to everyone for me. My heart is just glowing with warmth right now xoxox

  • Emily

    Beautiful baby!! I am so glad the breastfeeding is going well. If I may give a bit of unsolicited advice from a three-time breastfeeding mama…try to let go of your expectations (and related stress) of counting feedings, etc. As long as you have the priviledge of being with Kamea all day, she will let you know when it’s time. All three of mine nursed on demand (almost nonstop, it seemed, in the beginning) sometimes they fussed because they were hungry, sometimes they just needed closeness, or they were tired, but no matter what, the boob gave them exactly what they wanted/needed. It is the most amazing experience for both of you PS: once the soreness truly completely goes away is when it really starts to rock :) ENJOY!!!

  • http://www.grassfedmomma.blogspot.com grassfedmomma

    Kamea is amazing! She is like my Sam was, alert, plump just ready to grow like mad!
    You are doing great, get your sleep!
    Deb xoxo

  • http://gingeristhenewpink.blogspot.com/ Lauren519

    Ahh, she is such an angel! So happy you are getting the hang of things and some rest! We are finding out the gender tomorrow, so Kamea will know if her playmate is a girl or boy! LOL! :)

  • Marie

    My 3 year old son saw this photo and said “Aww, pretty baby!” She is indeed. I love those new baby days, they go by so quickly.
    Breastfeeding is one of those things that takes some time, glad to hear you’re being patient with yourself. Enjoy that sleep!

  • http://www.todayslesson-theartofbalance.blogspot.com Lauren M

    Congrats! You can do it and so can Kamea :) She’s so pretty.

  • Pam

    Kristen, I knew you could do it. Breastfeeding is certainly challenging the first time. I was in the same place as you, sore and the whole nine yards. But it got better and I truly enjoyed it. It is so very very rewarding. That photo of Kamea is so very very adorable. Give her more kisses for all of us who would love to get ahold of her and kiss her ourselves!!! Pam

  • Tricia

    What a sweet picture! Looks like it could have come right out of a baby magazine! I remember those first few breastfeeding days….and thinking those exact same things. I pumped at first for a while so my husband could help out in the mornings and I could get sleep/regain sanity. Then I decided to exclusively feed my son and now we are onto solids! Hurray! It is all a fun adventure. And babywearing is tricky at first – I remember that, but before long you will be a pro! Best wishes!

  • Georgina

    What a gorgeous little girl, congratulations! :)

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Thank you

  • http://www.peacekaleandyoga.com rachael

    Glad everything's going well. Breastfeeding is not easy but it sound like you're getting the hang of it quickly. Can't wait for the birth story when you've gotten some rest!

  • http://simplyfabulousnow.wordpress.com Leahvictoria

    I have been exclusively breastfeeding since day 1 and while it can be exhausting I do love it. I haven't even ventured into baby wearing yet but I really want to try. I have a beautiful sling I can't wait to try out with my daughter. She is 11 days old and getting stronger every day so I should really try it soon. Kamea really is so sweet.. that picture is darling!

  • Metta

    That is the most adorable photo of baby Kamea!

  • hanlie

    She is so beautiful, Kristen! She looks very calm and tranquil.

  • mary

    Beautiful! Everything will work out well. :) Congrats on your sweet beautiful baby and congrats on moving into motherhood. Have you tried Motherlove's nipple cream? My second was a little sleepy and an efficient nurser so there were a few days I pumped for relief as well.

  • Deb

    Sounds wonderful Kristen! I was thinking about writing in about pumping, concerned that it could disrupt the natural feedings and stimulate more milk supply making you more uncomfortable, but it sounds like you have that figured out and are getting into a good groove…what a wonderful Mama you are…and such a sweetie Kamea it…..I'm drinking my green smoothie now (kale, banana, flax seed) Cheers! Deb

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    I was using Mother Earth Angel Baby's cream but haven't needed it in a
    few days.

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Thanks. :) she sure sleeps a lot so I find myself trying to wake her
    sometimes to eat which isn't always successful.

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Congrats :)

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    That's so sweet.

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    That's so sweet :)

  • http://taterandkeela.blogspot.com Leslie

    Congratulations! Kamea is such a beautiful baby! You are doing really well and are going to be such a good mama!

  • Deb

    ..and your babe is getting such great milk!…remember…breastmilk is a Live Food, a Raw Food…full of live enzymes and goodness…..ohhhh she is off to such a great start (but then again, she was eating great while in utereo, it is all familiar to her) :) Deb

  • crookedmoonmama

    Just nurse on demand mama! The only way to go (and less stressfull than scheduling feeds).
    I nurse(d) all 3 girls on demand and never woke them up for a feeding. OK maybe once or twice when my boobs were going to explode!!
    Start pumping in a few weeks just so you have milk saved in case of a random root canal or something. ha!

  • rachel

    good heavens that baby is beautiful! just relax and feed your baby on demand. women have been doing it for thousands of years on a much less amazing diet than you eat! be loving to yourself and know that you will provide all the milk she needs! that's what boobs are for! :)

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Thank you for the support.

    Sent from my iPad

  • http://runrettarun.wordpress.com/ Retta @ RunRettaRun

    Good for you! BFing is so good for your baby :) . I pumped exclusively for my first son and thought I would do the same for my 2nd son. I decided to wean myself off the pump and BF exclusively. Pumping takes a lot of work and I created an oversupply which was also stressful ;) Anyhoo, he's 20 months and still nursing. Guess he'll quit when he's ready! You are doing so well and she is so presh. Way to go Mama!

  • thefitnessfreak

    She is just an absolute doll Kristen! She looks so happy : ) I'm glad you've decided to breastfeed her solely. There is nothing like that special time between mom and baby. Awesome!


  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Thx Nicole :)

  • http://twitter.com/closedlids Lisa-Marie

    Congrats!! Did she grow in the last 5 days? From your last post she looks bigger. Kamea is beautiful and its wonderful to see such a healthy cute baby that came from a Raw Vegan mother!! What an inspiration for a future mothers.

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    I think so!

  • http://color-so-loud.tumblr.com Kat

    Way to go! It is so awesome to have confidence in your body, and I am sure you are nourishing her so well with the pure and nutrient-rich foods you eat.

    Dad and others will have plenty of ways to bond with her, but that breastfeeding bond can't be beat :)

  • Andrea

    Yay! Good for you! I've only breastfed (no pumping or bottles) all 3 of my boys and I've never regretted it. I love the closeness it brings and the natural rhythm that both mama and baby get into with it. LOVE IT!!!!! And if you can, just let go of any schedule trusting that she will let you know when she needs it (that way she can decide when she needs more for a growth spurt or less for more rest). Congrats… she's beautiful!

  • Jen

    Kristen, you are a rock star! Way to stick with it! I worried about the same thing with my son. Was he getting enough? Did I need to pump? Would it ever stop hurting like a mo-fo? I never felt any let down, so I had no idea if he was even getting anything. Eventually, I let go of the stress. I did a lot of reading (http://www.kellymom.com is AWESOME!!) and I just chilled with my baby. He breastfed exclusively for six months and didn't wean himself until 18 months.

    You are doing great! I am so proud of you for trusting your body and your baby. Its amazing to me the way our babies are made to respond to our bodies and our bodies to our babies. Its an incredible symbiosis that leaves me in awe and wonder whenever I think about it. You make exactly the kind of milk Kamea needs and the content of your milk changes throughout the day. And amazingly, she knows how to tell your body what she needs. Its absolutely incredible.

    Yay Kristen and Kamea!!! You make a wonderful team already.

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Awww thanks for the cheerleading. I love the support! :)

  • http://hihorosie.blogspot.com hihorosie

    She is such a beauty! Congrats again Kristen! Enjoy every minute! ;) I didn't start pumping till I had to start going back to work but like Kamea, Caleb had no troubles with nipple confusion. Breastfeeding is such a special time and I'm so glad I get to still feed Caleb that way.

  • Claireboe

    I'm so glad you decided to breastfeed and not pump for now. I didn't want to say anything before, because I have strict rule about not schooling new moms, especially in the first few weeks. You will, hopefully, hold off your period for longer (I had over 9 blissfully period-free months after my children were born), and you won't harm Kamea's suck by giving her a bottle by continuing to exclusively breastfeed.

    She is so gorgeous. Congratulations, again. You are doing a fantastic job! :)

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/36MP2GYKQ5BNR3QBZHMR6BNHQU Elizabeth Donaghy

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of your beautiful blessing!!
    I have been blessed with 5 children. I breastfed on demand, all of them and am presently still breastfeeding, on demand, our 22 month old. I will breast feed a minimum of 2 solid years. Hopefully he will be willing to wean at that time. I breast fed all of the other roughly 17 months. I was bound and determined to do the ideal this time and make it to the 2 year point. Well, it was no problem b/c he is quite the milk man and needs no encouragement. He comes and chases me down at meal time!! :)
    I also wore all of the children. I used front carriers, back packs and of course the sling. It is the best!! I have the most calm and well behaved little ones and I swear it is b/c of the closeness they felt while baby wearing. Not to mention that they all coslept with us till about the age of two.
    Our first two children wore cloth diapers, the last three disposable. :(
    Peace and Health,

  • DonnaK

    CONGRATULATIONS ! What a blessing for your family! She is absolutely beautiful and it is such a blessing to her to have a wonderful mommy like you, too.

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Thank you so much.

  • http://kurtandmelissa.blogspot.com K&M

    If you ever have too much milk and don't know what to do with it, here is a nice place to donate. http://milkshare.birthingforlife.com I thought it was somewhat appropriate to post this since it is a place where donors can donate their breast milk and recipients (babies) receive raw, living food!

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    awesome! thank you!

  • LenetteCarus

    Hi Kristen thanks for creating this blog, lots of helpful information. Can you recommend a good breast pump? Which one do you use?


  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    I use and like the Medela (I think that's the spelling).

  • Lenette Carus

    Hi Kristen, your blog has been very helpful, my husband and I are expecting our first child and I’m always looking for organic, healthy, helpful products that I will need when baby comes. Now I’m looking to buy a breast pump and wanted to know which one you are using? 

    Thanks again for all your mommy tips!

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Hi! I have the Medela brand. I think that’s the spelling. Highly recommend it!

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