June 23, 2010 (3:53 pm)

Ummm… Any Moment Now? And… Meeting Up With Robert Cheeke

by Kristen Suzanne

Here I am… still pregnant. :) My baby is snuggled up nicely inside me and doesn’t want to come out yet. I’m happy just the same – I feel really great (except for last night’s incident – detailed next).

Last night my husband and I met up with Robert Cheeke (vegan bodybuilder) and our dear friend, Malynda (she’s training for a fitness competition – vegan and high raw). We had a great time. However, I decided to wear sandals that had a little chunky heel to them. And, we found ourselves standing for about an hour as we kept talking in the parking lot after the restaurant closed. Well… in the middle of the night, I woke up literally screaming in pain for about 20 seconds because of the most intense calf spasm pain (apparently this can be common in pregnancy: read here). Seeing as I have pretty much only worn CROCS for the past three years AND I wore heels last night while 41 weeks pregnant AND I was standing for a long time… I guess it’s no wonder that my body reacted this way. I took some magnesium this morning to help (my calf is actually still sore(!), and I plan on giving my feeties a rest today. No problem… I’ll kick back, prop my feet up and read Robert’s book, Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness.

I have heard the most amazing reviews about this book (have you read it yet?). Here are a few testimonials from Robert’s website:

“We just received your book, and love it. It is very thorough, and we found it inspiring, motivational, and much more than expected. We have been vegan for five years and try to be athletic and keep fit. Your book will be our top book. Thanks so much for it. It was worth the wait, and thank you for signing it, makes it more personal.”

“If I may say so…I’m not the least bit surprised (about the success of your book). It was almost 10 years ago when Melanie and I heard about this young, vegan body builder. We thought, “What a great inspiration for young vegans and vegetarians. I wonder if he’ll let one of the kids interview him.” And you did. You jumped on it. You were ready to share info, inspiration, and just be available to the kids. That put you on the top of my list. Well earned, well deserved and well done. Keep up the great work!”

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  • http://gingeristhenewpink.blogspot.com/ Lauren519

    That book looks great, I'd like to get it for my hubby! He is very much into lifting but takes yuckkkkkkky whey! Booo! I cringe!

    My father in laws girlfriend told me she had charlie horses throughout her pregnancy! I'm glad I haven't had any yet..I better stay away from the heels! ;) Sending you lots of labor dust! ;)

  • Rawtwitchn

    Awww Kristen! you poor thing!! You were on your feet for a long time… I'm so sorry. I get carried away talking to your pretty face! :) You keep me in awe! you're such a terrific friend and huge influence in my life. I love you and can't wait to see your little baby… “my future niece/nephew” ;) HUGS!!! Keep those feetsie's up… hope you're enjoying the book!! XOXO

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    labor dust… love it :)

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    That's right, Aunt Trixie!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=578588583 Alexandra Ernst

    Hi Kristen, off topic … a first time commenter here! Although not-all-vegan-yet and far from raw, I have been following Kristen´s Raw for a while and it has been an inspiration to take the next (baby) steps on my own path.
    (although not a mom yet, just because I enjoy your posts, I´ve also been reading and enjoying this here blog.)
    I just wanted to say how absolutely beautiful and radiant you look!! And here´s to a wonderful birth experience for you and your family (you sound like you have so much confidence in your body and your instincts!), and a happy healthy baby!


  • http://gingeristhenewpink.blogspot.com/ Lauren519

    Hey, I'm curious did Karen ever send you the raw family book? I'm reading it now, great stuff! :)

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Hi Alexandra,
    Thanks so much for commenting (and thanks for such an awesome
    comment!). It's a pleasure to meet you.


  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Now that I think about it… no. She did say she would though. Must
    have slipped her mind?

  • http://www.rawon10.blogspot.com/ Lisa is Raw on $10 a Day

    I'm humming the “Jeopardy” theme song …

    Your belly looks lower … I think it will be soon. Full moon and eclipse tomorrow … it's got to be soon :) . My birthday is tomorrow, too … so, I think you're going to have him/her then!

  • thefitnessfreak

    How cool! I would love to have picked his brain too : ) Malynda too? What an evening!

    All of my pregnancies were two weeks over due. The doctor figured by the third one that my ovulation was probably different than the normal 2 weeks post cycle. Who'd have thought : )

    I can't wait to meet the little babe!!


  • Jbird8282

    This is going to sound totally weird, but there's an old wives' tale that if you put a bar of soap between your sheets (you can use an old sliver or a small hotel soap), it helps with leg cramps. I've never tried it myself because I haven't experienced them yet, but I heard it on Pregtastic Pregnancy Podcast (an AMAZING resource) and it works for those podcasters.

    I'm dreading the day I can't wear heels any longer – I don't have any attractive flats and plan on working until the day I deliver. At six months I'm still fairly comfortable in heels as long as I don't have to stand for more than 30 minutes.

  • hippiemom

    ♥♥♥ Congratulations♥♥♥ I am so happy for you…XoXo

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Thank you!!!

  • Marika

    I keep waiting to hear about your birth! Hope it all goes well. :)

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    Baby girl. I'm hoping to have more details soon. ;)

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