May 12, 2010 (12:31 pm)

Green Baby Shopping

by Kristen Suzanne

Even though I’m probably a little over a month away from the birth, I think it’s time to shop for the baby and the home birth. You never know… baby might come early and I don’t want to be caught without a car seat or diapers. Over the year, I’ve slowly bought things like organic onesies and clothes, organic Moby wrap, a few organic cotton toys, organic swaddle blanket, organic blanket, etc. But, I need more. So, this week I’m off to buy:

Baby Stuff: Orbit infant car seat system (they have the greenest product I can find), organic cloth diapers (a variety of options, but not many in quantity since we’re going to practice EC. I’ll report details and opinions in future posts), diaper stuff (pails, wipes, soap, bags, etc), ring sling (maybe two, one for me and one for my mom), newborn health kit (nail clippers, thermometer, etc), and maybe a diaper bag.

EC Stations: I’ll need to buy a couple of potty bowls – (and this little potty looks extra cool, in spite of the few reviews, because it’s made from bamboo and rice husks… AND, when the child is done using it, h/she can plant it in the garden), wipes, etc. These will be set up around the house – and since we spend a lot of time at my mom’s house, I’ll need to double up.

Home Birth Stuff: towels, receiving blankets, bucket, and create the food plan (freeze foods for after baby is born – for my husband and myself – and get my young Thai coconut water prepared for the home birth – I want to have it all set and ready to thaw for drinking when the day arrives).

It’s going to be a fun week!!!

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  • Anonymous

    Finding the right car seat is such a hard decision. Orbit is certainly a cool idea!

  • LyndsayMW

    FYI, In case you haven't seen it, Consumer Reports has a negative review of the Orbit System:

  • Kristen Suzanne

    Thx… I read the research and the company's response as well as the
    tests performed by Orbit (same as CR) as well as the NHTSA. Here are
    some details:
    . We're happy with our choice and feel confident with it. I've been
    researching car seats for about 4 months now and decided that the
    Orbit is right for us.

  • Kristen Suzanne

    LOL – I see you linked to that. Although I respect much of what CR has to say, it's not the only source I use when making purchases. ;)

  • Kristen Suzanne

    For sure!

  • Lauren519

    Yay! So exciting! I would love to know which crib and furniture you got. I've gotta start looking! :)

  • Kristen Suzanne

    No crib or furniture because we don't have a nursery. No need :) We
    are having a family bedroom (cosleeping, etc).

  • Lauren519

    I see!! I see! :) Sounds good, can I join! :)

  • Sonya

    The TrendyKid becoPotty looks super cool! Never heard of it before but I am glad I have now.
    We practice EC and it has been great! Now that my baby boy is 4 months old we almost never get a poopy diaper. It makes using cloth diapers SO much nicer.

  • anais2010

    So cool that you have a family bed. We ended up never using my daughter's room or any furniture in it. The crib was used for toy storage…;-) Don't buy too much of the other stuff, you might not need it. I had too many things and spent too much money I could have saved. Like the diaper pail – if you breastfeed your baby and later switch to raw food only, his/her poop won't smell that much. Ours broke shortly after purchase and we realized we really didn't need one.

  • Kristen Suzanne

    Thank you for the tips :)

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  • jcm

    A lot of us have moved to glass and are not using plastic for food storage, etc. What about baby products? What types of bottles and sippy type cups will you use? I hope you plan to blog about this as well :)

  • Leslie

    Just a word of advice and I'm not offended if you don't agree, but you might be sure to at least get 2 days worth of full diapering. Maybe. I did not practice EC (but wish I knew about it sooner!), but I have heard from several of my friends that DID that the babies really responded to ECing at about 4-5 months. Plus you'll probably want to have diapers for when you are not home.

    I have about 20 prefolds and 5 covers, and 10 AIO's. That might be a bit much for you since you will be ECing but it gets me through about 2-3 days of diapering. :) Good luck! I definitely wish I knew about ECing earlier! My little girl is 22 months old and we are currently potty training!

  • Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    Really late but saw this post from a link you linked…

    EC'ing. Plenty of homeschooling, homebirthing, family bed mamas I know have done it successfully, and also with cloth dipes in the beginning as needed.

    Carseats…overwhelming and once you've made your mind up, just hold head high and go with it :)

  • Meleakua

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful info!! I'm not due til Halloween but am wondering what I'll be needing that I haven't thought of~ this is very helpful!

    I'm sure you're very busy being a new momma (congratulations! :] ), but if you ever have a moment I would love to hear more about the food plan for your birth~ I have been pondering that lately and definitely want to have some healthy, filling raw meals ready for a little while post-birth!

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