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Review: Sprout Wellness Beauty Products

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by Kristen Suzanne

I really love trying out beauty products. What can I say? I always liked to play dress up as a little girl, too. Lately, I’ve been on the hunt to find some of the best, most effective, healthiest, eco – and animal – friendly products available. Needless to say, it’s been a fun project. I’ll continue to share the goodies I find here on this blog, and you’ll see some of my favorites featured in the Green Mommy Blog Boutique (be sure to check back often as I’ll continue to add the good finds there!)

So, I’ve been trying some new things, and I was sent a generous package of beauty care products from Sprout Wellness (after having learned about them from One Lucky Duck). It’s a sweet little company with an owner / formulator whom I adore. She’s humble, fun, knowledgeable, and mega sweet. Be sure to read my detailed Kristen’s Raw blog post where I share my opinion about a number of other beauty care companies (my likes and dislikes) here.

As I was saying, Sprout Wellness is a neat company. Here’s a little information about Sprout Wellness that I grabbed from their website…

Sprout is a really little company created by a personal trainer and holistic health counselor who, more importantly, is allergic to everything on the planet. Literally. No, not literally. But a lot of people are really sensitive to all of the chemicals going into skincare these days, even in things marketed as “all-natural”. And that’s why Sprout is here. We care about your skin, your health, and the environment.

Ingredients- Ever watched a really really old movie? (If you haven’t, please stop reading this and update your Netflix.) Yes they’re in black and white, but seriously the skin on those ladies. I mean wow. Guess what they were using back then? Mostly things from their kitchens- baking soda, apple cider vinegar, salt, honey… and bad skin didn’t even exist back then. We swear. So we figure it’s the best idea to go back to those ingredients. Agreed?

Jars- If you haven’t heard about plastics yet, maybe you’ll like the glass because you can almost see your reflection in it. And you can send them back to us for discounted refills! Or use them for junk you should really just throw out.

Labels- We make (and apply) them ourselves. Not the paper, just the printing and the sticking.

Process- Ever wonder how a million ingredients got put together in your one jar of cream? Well, it’s a long story, but it definitely involved cooking the shit out of them. And not in a cute little pot over the stove. It was in some big factory. In huge ugly basins. We use cute little pots, mostly for just mixing, not crazy boiling or chemical-creating. That way it’s all STILL natural by the time it gets to you.

Things we take very seriously:

-Being environmentally friendly
-Using organic and fair trade products
-Not ripping people off
-Educating ourselves and others
-Being nice

What did I think of the products?

For starters, I love the packaging. It’s just so darn cute – kind of like little bottles an alchemist would have on her counter. I smile every time I saw the little glass bottles and jars on my bathroom counter.

The Face CleanserThis smells great and has the following ingredients: rosewater, vegetable glycerin, and tea tree oil. Simple and impressive. The directions state that it requires the use of a cotton ball to apply it. I use organic cotton balls which aren’t very cheap, so by the time I use 1 for the cleanser and 1 for the toner (detailed below), I’ve used 2 and that means I’m going through my bag of cotton balls faster than I want to (keeping in mind that after I’ve done that twice a day, I’ve used 4 cotton balls). That being said, there is something satisfying about seeing the makeup on the cotton ball when I’m trying to get it off. That’s not something you get to experience when you just use your hands to cleanse. Oh! What is a girl to do?

—>>Well, I know what to do now. I told the formulator about my organic cotton ball predicament and she had a brilliant solution that I can’t believe I didn’t think of myself! Use a bamboo face cloth (which I have!). So, now that I have a less expensive solution (and more eco-friendly), I need to try that.

The Face Toner - This product has a little “bite” to it and a fairly strong scent (from the apple cider vinegar), but through recent communications with the owner I’ve learned that she might be changing the formula a bit to soften those aspects of it (mind you, I’m not complaining about it. I don’t mind the zestiness). The ingredients are: raw organic apple cider vinegar, organic witch hazel, filtered water, sandalwood and clary sage essential oils. In addition to using it as a toner, I also used it in place of the water needed to mix up a pineapple enzyme mask from another company. Not sure if it was smart to do that, but it was fun. Like I wrote, the little bottles make me want to be an alchemist. :)

All-Over Cream - This product is rich, emollient, and I really enjoyed using this on my pregnant belly, legs, butt, hands, and basically “all-over” as the name suggests. The texture is wonderful. The smell is mild and natural. It has a beautifully simple ingredient list: shea butter, organic extra-virgin coconut oil, and organic extra-virgin olive oil.

I found it best to use this on a damp body, and the few times I used it on my face, I first spritzed my face with rose water to help spread the cream and assist its absorption. I also like using it to wipe away any last bits of eye makeup that seep onto the skin around my eyes in the morning, because I didn’t get it all off the night before with coconut oil (however, if doing this, I recommend making sure the cream is thoroughly absorbed before applying eye makeup or I presume your makeup will reduce its staying power throughout the day. Because of that, the times I use it on my eyes are days I’m staying home or not wearing eye makeup). Another nice thing about the All-Over Cream is that a little goes a long way. Oh, and it also has a natural SPF of 6. Nice! I really enjoyed this product, and I always want a jar of it in my bathroom. If my skin could talk, I think it would say, “Om-nom-nom.”

Lip Balm - I’m grateful they make a vegan version of their lip balm (no beeswax – yippee!). As a vegan, this is really cool. The lip balm is nice, and I keep it on my desk for frequent usage. I’m curious, however, as to how it will hold up in warmer weather since it gets a little soft during application (probably from the heat of my lips). It’s very creamy, much like the All-Over Cream.

Sugar Body Scrub – One of my other favorite products by Sprout Wellness is their Sugar Body Scrub. It smells heavenly, and let me tell you, I love a nice scrub down. Living in a dry climate like Arizona, it’s important that I slough off the dry skin to keep my skin nice and glowing.

Thank you Sprout Wellness for sending me these lovely products to sample!

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    I love these products as well! The all over lotion was my favorite!! And I agree about the “vinegary” smell of the toner! hehe!

  • http://GreenMommyBlog.com/ Kristen Suzanne

    She did a nice job with them. :)

  • kelly

    what are your thoughts on alba beauty products? i am in love with their papaya mask. it works wonders.

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