March 5, 2010 (1:01 am)


by Kristen Suzanne

I love tiffins! These travel containers are great for toting my food around. Sometimes I pack a vibrant kale salad in one tier and another tier with goji berries and nuts. Sometimes I toss a protein bar in one tier while another tier is filled with carrot and celery sticks. Other times I pack organic quinoa in one tier with another tier carrying a raw vegan dessert. I’m definitely NOT a plastic girl so you won’t see me using that stuff. And, while I love glass, I’d rather get my workouts at the gym and not from lifting my lunch bag. These tiffins are awesome. Pictured here is the 2-tier tiffin. You can also buy a 3-tier tiffin here.

I don’t just use these for food that I make at home though. When we go out to eat, I bring these along in case we have leftovers so I can avoid using a wasteful to-go container from the restaurant. It’s these simple little eco-actions that we can do to improve the life of our earth. Also… check out this groovy 3-tier tiffin carrying case!

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